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  1. Go to your account in the top right of page. Select account settings. On the left side, click signature. Make your WITB your signature.
  2. I agree. Where it helped me the most is with long lags. I don't feel like I have to pound it as much as do with milled face putters. I feel like I hit the short ones with more confidence. Just bang em to the back of the hole. Hopefully I can get out and play soon...
  3. I have Scotty's, but the microhinge insert feel is so very soft. Gives me a lot of confidence. I love Scotty's, but I make more putts with the O-Works.
  4. Thanks! I appreciate it. I see you use Arccos. I just started using it last fall. I have 22 rounds in with it. After about 10 rounds, I started to change how I played certain holes and club selection, and I have shaved at least 3 shots a round off my scores. How have you liked it?
  5. Driver - Titleist TS2 - 9.5 - Project X 3W - Titleist TS3 - 15 - Project X Hybrid - Titleist 818H1 - 19 - Project X Irons - Titleist AP3 4-G - TT AMT Wedges - Titleist Vokey 52/58 Putter - Odyssey O-Works Red 1WS Ball - Taylormade TP5x
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