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  1. Sean Kansas City Missouri home of the CHIEFS 10 12-11 I was sworn FJ guy, but I tried Adidas and I think I am not having a full on affair behind FJ's heel There are only two things I look for in a shoe: 1 is comfort and a great distance second is style.
  2. Sean Linnhoff Kansas city Mo Home of the Superbowl champs 8 iron distance 160-170 I do not know much about Sub70, except from what I have read on this forum.
  3. Sean Linnhoff Kansas city Missouri I currently use the Garmin S20 Garmin s20 and V4 rangefinder
  4. Sean Linnhoff Missouri 2-3 times a week 15-20 minutes each time 1 3 putt per round Ive used a simulator to help with the full swing just very curious if it can help with putting.
  5. All native grass is marked as a lateral hazard. Just on the other side of the grass is OB. If the ball can not be found, because of the height of the grass (and snakes) how can we be positive where the ball is at rest? The drop was illegal for sure. The drop rule should be arm straight down your side, this would be somewhere around mid thigh. This way you don't look like you are to take a dump and it would be a lot like shoulder height as it varies due to how tall the player is. But that would make sense and as we know not all golf rules like doing this.
  6. I kind of understand the the new OB rules; you can take the distance but it is a 2 stoke penalty or hit again hitting 3. So here is the scenario: Hole 18 dog leg right, trees and OB right (at and before the dogleg), forced carry over native grass before fairway and you can not see the green. You can carry over the trees, but if it hits a tree and goes down the slope you will have a hard time a) finding it b) risk OB. Now if you try to carry and do not make it you have not crossed into the course, so the line of flight in through the native areas and trees. So where is the drop, if you choose this option? Line of flight plus the line of the flag? To me it would be at best the very beginning of the fairway behind the trees. Best image I could find Tee box is about 220 yards straight right in the photo. Had a guy in league take a drop in front of the tree line, with a shot into the green and only take a 1 stroke penalty. I feel like we should have protested, but without the full understand of the new OB rule I just let it go. Help.
  7. Honestly I can play tired. I can play sick. I can play if I had a bad warm up. The killer for me is if I play with someone who just annoys me. We have a large group of guys on the weekends and I try to ride with someone I like and get into a group of guys I like. Some times it doesn't work so I just kind of keep to myself which is opposite of the norm.
  8. Right handed Kansas City Mo, home of the Superbowl champions Currently driver Callaway Rogue Swing speed 108 Would desire to test the 460
  9. Kill that into the hill and run it to the hole!
  10. Sean!


    The problem is he is good. Would these inflate his scores yes, but it would not make a difference.
  11. Sean!


    Honestly I am not sure what he thinks as he rarely plays with the cheater. I would imagine most either do not know or just turn a blind eye. I am hoping it is the former and not the later.
  12. Sean!


    So to clarify there are three separate situations: 1: Sand bagging aka cheating is not in play here that was in the past. 2&3 happened yesterday. This is not a league just a large group that plays $10 a man skins and greenies on the weekend and goes on an annual trip. Good thing is that he is not going on the trip this year. I did confront him yesterday. Others do know and he was caught on our annual golf trip, he left in the middle of the night and went home. A few months go by and he is back playing and we then kept a second score card and all was good for awhile, best I can figure. Will he change???? I doubt it. I love the group but I guess my best bet is to remove myself from the money part of the game and never play with him again. I take golf seriously, i mean as much as I can. It wears me out figuring out what I am doing let alone having to worry about what he is doing and I feel it effects my game and mostly the enjoyment I get out of it. This is why I play to beat myself and try to beat my best. This is a very difficult situation in a sport that is 100% based on integrity.
  13. Sean!


    He has been confronted and he was good for awhile. I honestly think I am the only one that is extremely bothered by this and the others except/expect it. It is not my group to kick him out of and the "leader" is his friend. I am just frustrated by the lack of integrity.
  14. I play with a fairly large group of guys, 15-20. Most are fantastic. There is one that has been known for "Sandbagging" (Cheating) and I have personally caught him actually cheating in the past. This normally involves him finding his ball, when there is no way that it could be in that location or actually be found. Today was one of those days. Twice it happened. The first I did not catch, but another in our group did. The second I watched. He walked towards the edge of the green in the rough before a ledge leading to water, his hand went in his pocket he bent down to "lay his clubs down" then hit his shot. Later in the round I brought this up and was told his ball was in a hole. Could this happen? Yes and it has to me but I announce that my ball is in a hole and ask what I should do? Or just say hey I have to move my ball because it is in this hole. What should I/we do? We can't really kick him out of the group. I do my best to not play with him, but it frustrating when we only play a $10 skins and greenie game. I have gone as far as to keep score when in a group with him because if he keeps score he will not say what he got on that hole. I make sure every knows that I got my bogie etc when I keep score just so there are no issues.
  15. I travel to Iowa a lot, yep the entire state. I am looking for the best courses that an average golfer can get on. I did find a hidden gem Amana Colony golf course, wow was it great and pretty. Help me play in Iowa
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