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  1. Hello all!

    Quick intro to me: In 2015 I took up golf. I am full on addicted! I had a brief intro as a kid in the 1970s. Long time skier, cyclist and runner/hiker, I was looking for a new activity and community. My wife surprised me with a lesson on a vacation to Hawaii, and everything about golf clicked. 99% a walker, I love the challenge, landscapes, and social nature of playing. I also massively enjoy the equipment aspect. My hc is currently about 9. My lowest hc was 6, and I hope to get back if I can get out of my putting woes. 

    I have lurked on MGS for a few years. I appreciate the content. I am also a member on a couple of other golf communities. Name comes from a hobby to work with my herding dogs.

    Home course is beautiful Bridger Creek in Bozeman, Montana. I also regularly play the other courses in town, mostly Black Bull and Cottonwood Hills. Short season here, but the courses and golf community are fantastic. I have additionally learned to love competitive golf. Play in a mens league, compete in 3-4 regional pro ams each year, and enter other tournaments as I can. 

    I will spend more online time getting to know this community. Cheers.

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