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  1. Drumroll please: The link to the final, final review is posted here. Loved getting to complete another test for MGS Forum. Looking forward to next testing season already!
  2. Sorry everyone for the delay. Have had some family things come up over Thanksgiving week and haven't had the time to sit down to finalize my review. I promise it will be done by 11/30 and post the update once it's complete.
  3. Working on my final review today, and tomorrow and will let everyone know when I’ve posted it. Just got back from a wedding weekend last night where we played golf on Friday. Course we played was run down, but was the first course I played with slow greens (like 6 or 7 slow) and it definitely gave me an interesting perspective for my final review.
  4. @tchat07its the same site that @sirchunksalotuses. Love the layout and simplicity vs. what Arccos layout looks like. Round was good! Off the tee was struggling a bit but I had a few shots with the irons and wedges that were darts. On hole 3, hit a 52 degree to 3 ft.
  5. Sorry, I’ve been MIA over the last week. Left work for one day off and the world fell apart while I was gone, so I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces the last 5 days. Before work went to hell, I was able to get a round in at the Mclemore on Wednesday. See above for my putting stats from the round. 3 putt on the second hole was just a terrible first putt. Left myself an 8 ft downhill left to right slider which lipped out. The #7 continues to grow on me. Made a few really good putts and almost all my second putts were tap ins. Continuing to grind over some indoor practice with colder temps here in Georgia this week. The biggest surprise to echo @sirchunksalot is that I love the standard pistol grip. I may eventually shift back into the Superstroke 1.0 pistol again but for now the Odyssey grip has really grown on me. Have a psycho work week ahead of me before taking Thursday and Friday off, but have a final round planned for Friday in Palm Beach to close out my testing.
  6. It’s a great track. I do a trip up there two or 3 times a year! The 18th is phenomenal and probably the best finishing hole I’ve played outside of pebble 18. They also have a Par 5 that is a 2 fairway split but the second fairway plays 250 feet below the upper fairway.
  7. FullSizeRender.mov Here’s a video of me putting with the number 7 from behind 6 ft out. I’m really loving the lack of “ping” sound off the face vs. what sound I get with my Spider Mini. Heading up to Mclemore (if you haven’t heard of it, check it out https://www.themclemore.com) and they have some great greens, so I’m excited to get out there and see how the putter rolls.
  8. Definitely will be interested to see what you think with the steel shaft. I definitely have noticed a more stable face through contact with the stroke lab vs. the steel on my spider mini.
  9. You're right. Just pulled it out again in between meetings and it's the standard #7 neck not the #7s.
  10. It is the standard short slant neck that comes with all the #7 models.
  11. Just finished up my initial thoughts and review! Let me know if there are any tests you'd like to see. One test I'll complete is a 5 ft and 10 ft circle drill with both my Spider Mini vs the #7 and see which wins. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/24-test-in-progress-odyssey-white-hot-og-putter/?do=findReview&review=85
  12. Been MIA post Scottsdale bachelor party trying to help my liver recover, but that being said: I was able to play a round while in Scottsdale at Troon North and decided to just make the bold decision to just drop the #7 straight to the bag and leave my spider mini gamer at home. The greens at Troon were running about a 12 and I putted fantastic. Had 1 3-putt and the consistent feel off the putter face with the white hot insert was pure. Even on some heel misses, it still rolled true. I was consistently putting 20-25ft putts within 2 feet of the cup and I didn’t miss a single putt inside of 8 feet.
  13. Left for an Atlanta United soccer game, and of course 10 minutes after I leave, my #7 is delivered by UPS. Now that I’m home I’m gawking at the look and working some distance control on my perfect practice putting mat. I’m leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale for a bachelor party. We play 1 round Friday and should be a pretty raucous time, so I’m going trial by fire and leaving the gamer in Atlanta and taking this with me for the weekend.
  14. Looks like all of us Testers should be getting our putters within the next day or two! Can't wait to get the putter in hand.
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