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  1. I have one I would sell you. Im in Northern Virginia, hit me up if youre still interested.
  2. I have a sun mountain C130 14 way. Its great, highly recommended. For a long time I had a 14 way ping bag, but my grips would get bound and I would have trouble getting clubs in and out. Its first world problems, but especially when you hit a bad shot, the last thing you need is to be fighting with your bag when you are frustrated. I have a two compartment sunday bag that I use with a half set that I love too, its super light, but thats a whole different avenue to take. +1 for Sun Mountain C130
  3. Im playing ProV1s now because they made the switch to the lower spin variant. I like it so far. Cost can be an impediment for these balls but I ordered mint condition recycled balls and as long as youre ok with 25% of your balls have some company logos or the occasional sharpie dots, they are like brand new balls for 40% the cost. They spin enough for me but as always, YMMV.
  4. I cut my SIM Max down an inch from stock 45.75" to 44.75". It may be only a slight change but I feel like Ive lost a couple yards, but that I find the center of the face just a little more. I had mine cut down when I ordered it so Im assuming they adjusted the swing weight in the head at at time, though Ive never checked the swing weight of the club. Its not a huge difference and it might just be more of a feeling, but so many pros play slightly shorter shafts, so I figured theres probably something in it. I have enough distance that Im ok with losing a couple yards if it gets me one more fairway per round.
  5. Im trying to figure this out now, I like my 3H but it launches a little high. Its my fairway finder off the tee, but in the wind it gets beaten back so far. It makes me think I need the utility iron for windy days.
  6. Hi Everyone, Just want to introduce myself. Im a long time reader, Ive just never posted. Lets get to it: 1) Im 34 yrs old. Ive been playing golf since I was about 12-13 yrs old. My grandfather was an occasional golfer and had a mixed set of MacGregors and other clubs in a canvas bag. All three woods were persimmon heads. The 5 wood actually had a wooden shaft. I had watched some golf on TV one summer and thought I might like to try that, so I watched more and practiced in the yard until I thought I knew how to swing. I lived next to our municipal course so I took those clubs over to the course and bought a sleeve and played nine. I shot a 63 on that nine the first time. Its one of the few scores I remember from back then. For the next several years I played 4-5 days a week, upgrading a WalMart set of Wilsons, eventually to some knock off Callaways and the rest is history. I played in high school on the team, but after that life got in the way and I only played 3-4 times per year max. Last year I rededicated myself to playing and taking lessons. I started tracking my handicap this year, Im playing at 8.2 now. Ive made significant strides, playing a couple times per week and practicing at the range and green a couple days a week. 2) The thing I love about golf is the feeling of hitting that great shot. It may only come once or twice a round, but when I plan to draw a shot onto the green just so, and it does it. There are few better feelings. Now I just need to string more of those together! 3) I have really been getting into equipment a lot this last year. I had my first fitting after using the same clubs for about 11 yrs (2007 Nike Pro Combos). Im the kind of guy that reads every single review on the internet for something I am considering buying. MyGolfSpy has been a great resource in looking into golf technology. I love that so much testing is done, independently. It gives me a great data point to consider when looking at equipment to buy. The golf ball study and testing has been invaluable as I search for the right type of ball to play. 4) Im from Reston, VA. Im not a member but I play at Reston National more than any other course. 5) The best part of playing in my area has been good weather that lasts into the winter. I can play almost 11 months out of the year here. I just have to be willing to play in the 40s sometimes. The worst part is probably more course dependent, but when we get a lot of rain, its seems like the courses around here dont drain well and you can get plugged lies and bad course conditions. Also, pace of play is too slow in the summer around here. I like to play fast. 6) I work in IT. 7) I dont really know, I think its just something I was saying when I was signing up for the forum.
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