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  1. I am playing Honma TW-747 wedges right now, a 54 degree and a 60 I would like to try a 54 degree
  2. I friend of mine has one of these clubs and he uses it to great success around the greens and even sometimes out of the bunker if there is not much lip to deal with. He is quite deadly with it some days and then other days not so much.
  3. Sorry the correct spelling is Enniscrone.
  4. I have played in ireland and Northern Ireland a number of times. and the number your buddy is quoting you is not far off. You can go cheaper and there are a few ways to do that. One would be to stay away from most of the more famous courses, maybe play one then book some hidden gems, there are lots of great courses there that just do not get to be in the spotlight. Also, many packages book you into hotels or boutique hotels, look for guest houses and B&B instead, somewhat cheaper, more friendly with lots of local knowledge. You might even run into a club captain from a course like we did,
  5. DaveP043 is correct, the explanation and diagrams are very helpful as they make it clear.
  6. If yellow stakes you must always keep the penalty area between you and the flag...
  7. I too have Aerotech Steelfiber i110cw stiff shafts in my Honma irons. I loved them when I did the fitting but when they can in and I tried them for the first few rounds, they felt really boardy and it seemed I had to work really hard to get anything out of them. My fitter and I tried all sorts of things, swing weight changes, regular flex shaft, and we changed the lie to 1° upright. The lie change helped the turf interaction a lot which also helped the feel somewhat but still did not feel the same as the demo used for the fitting. Finally, it twigged on my fitter that the only thing different
  8. BigM

    G710 or T400

    I agree with others here, get fit by a reputable fitter and be open minded. I got fitted earlier this year and I did lots of homework on clubs I was interested in but went in with an open mind to suggestions. I really liked the look of P790 but when I hit them the numbers were all over the place, so looks are not everything. That being said, when you look down at your club it needs to look appealing as this influences your confidence when striking the ball. I saw the G710 but did not consider it as the head was too big for me. I ended up with Honma TW-X irons which were not even on my radar un
  9. I like to use a combination of both as sometimes it is hard to get a yardage with one or the other. I have a golf buddy attached to my cart that I use to quickly confirm my rangefinder yardages as on occasion the rangefinder locks onto something other than the pin. Also, I find the GPS handy for front and back yardages which are more difficult to pick up on a rangefinder. These yardages are very helpful when playing a course that has very firm greens so you need to land near the front of the green due to excessive rollout. This is not an issue if you have a true pin sheet but I do not know of
  10. I am keenly interested in this test as golf ball manufacturers are always bringing out new balls almost as fast as new clubs but are there really any major changes. Maybe in Callaways situation as they had issues last year with qc, the tests will tell the story...cannot wait.
  11. There is a difference between red and yellow penalty areas.Yellow you can either use stroke and distance so play the ball from where you last hit under penalty of 1 stroke or back of line relief (yellow penalty area must be between you and the hole) with a 1 stroke penalty. The red penalty area gives you one more option that being lateral relief no closer to the hole from the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the red penalty area. You drop within 2 club lengths of the determined point where the ball crossed the margin.
  12. I have the MGI Zip Navigator which works really well for me. Pros: Long battery life Sleek design Controls on handle and remote Rechargeable remote Folds up easily and quickly with only 2 lock points Folding 4th rear wheel to stop cart from flipping over on steeper terrain Gyro to keep the cart moving in a straight line if it hits uneven ground, less use of the directional controls on the remote Nice battery setup, easy to remove with handle. Design does not allow grit to get in. My girlfriend has a Moto Caddy and grit in the battery com
  13. I have a Sim Max 3 wood and 5 wood that I love because they are so easy to hit but I would like to lower their trajectory a little bit. I know adding lead tape can adjust the swing weight but I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with applying lead tape near the front of the club to lower spin and trajectory much like sliding the weights in a TM M5 driver to the very front position? It is more important to me that the trajectory is slightly lower and the spin rate on my 3 wood hovers around 2900 rpm which is really good.
  14. BigM

    Paderson Shafts

    Sorry I do not have any experience with Paderson driver shafts but I do play a Honma 19 degree 3 hybrid with a Paderson Balistic HUT30 shaft and I love it. It allows me to hit it high or low on demand and also shape the ball a bit so very versatile. They are a high quality shaft like many others.
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