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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to cjeffs12 in PXG Driver...Deal too good to pass up?   
    I have the Gen 1 0811X, and I got it for the hero’s price, so much like the deal that is in place now. I did the online fitting, so I cannot speak to the in person fitting, but I hear it’s top notch. The driver is as good as anything out there, and pretty forgiving, so better may be splitting hairs.  I get comments all the time about the sound, and I get really good distance from it. The head cover is really soft high quality leather. I do not regret my purchase at all. I hope this helps. 
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    GambyGolfGuy got a reaction from sirchunksalot in PXG Driver...Deal too good to pass up?   
    So I'm seeing the PXG 0811 Gen 2 Driver available on their site for $295 (marked down from $595) until June 1st.  I'm anxious to purchase a new driver and planned on testing out a different models (Ping, Cobra, etc., in the sub $400 price range) and getting fitted at my local range once it opens back up.  But here's my thought at the moment:
    If I go and get the fitting for the PXG and that is then included in the purchase price at $295 am I fool to be looking elsewhere.  This seems like a spectacular deal for their most current driver and their fitting process on top of that.  My questions for the forum are:
    PXG owners out there, how happy are you with the 0811?  Was the fitting experience good?  Are there better clubs on the market at this $300 range when including a fitting cost on top of that?  I know lots of places don't include this in the purchase price.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to CRW in PXG Driver...Deal too good to pass up?   
    The fitting aspect helps. I don’t think there is really that big of a difference in quality among the OEM’s. It’s more of a matter of what fits you best. 
    I had the 0811X Gen 1 and it produced too much spin for me, even with my 9 turned down to 7.5*.  I’ve heard/read the Gen 2 X model was much better for those that need a lower spin head, but I went with the F9 for $250 this year so I can’t speak on the current PXG lineup. 
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to Golfspy_CG2 in PXG Driver...Deal too good to pass up?   
    I went through a fitting at PxG last year for the Gen 2 driver.  It was neck and neck with the G410+ I Had.   So I definitely didn't see it being worth the $595 for basically the same numbers
    But for $295 and if you're in the market for a new driver then it's absoultely a good deal.
    This is litteraly one of those times where people who say I'll wait 6 months to a year and get it for 1/2 price are actually right 😁
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to 2puttbogey in PXG Driver...Deal too good to pass up?   
    I am in the same boat. I'm also a lefty so the sale is even better. I'm going with a 2 wood though. The price is great, plus the custom fitting you can't go wrong. The shafts were a selling point as well. They use the true shaft not a "made for". 
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    GambyGolfGuy got a reaction from Slater in Mid-Atlantic: NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA   
    Hi everyone, I'm very excited to join the community.  I've been reading the site religiously since an article appeared on ESPN last year.  I immediately loved what the site's mission is: calling out the bought and paid for "hot list" garbage where everyone gets a medal.  I'm addicted to the data driven articles and suggestions on this site. 
    I'm from Central Jersey, have been a 12 handicapper for about 6 years and I'm determined to get better by putting some real thought into my equipment and game.
    My username is taken from the laid back course in Central Jersey where I fell in love with the game playing with my buddies post college: Gambler Ridge. 
    Looking forward to engaging in this community!
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to gboo2004 in Budget version Live View Golf   
    I'll do one better. All you need is an old phone and 3 free apps from the google play store.
    Apps required 
    1. Screen Draw Screenshot Pro. This is for drawing lines
    2. Wifi-Display (miracast) sink. This is installed on the phone receiving the video
    3. Open camera. This camera app allows me to view the full screen.
    Phone 1: taking the video
    Phone 2: Receiving the video
    Once installed.....
    What to do next
    start the screen draw app on phone 2. disable the pencil. it will allow you to navigate around your phone.
    Still on phone 2. start up the wifi display app. 
    On phone 1 share your screen to phone 2. I have a samsung so i use smart view. or you can download miracast 
    enable the pencil on phone 2 to start drawing lines. 

    This is an android solution. Enjoy.
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    GambyGolfGuy got a reaction from GolfSpy_SHARK in What are your summer goals???   
    And if the courses aren't re-opened by summer I'm setting a new goal of building a simulator.  Hope it doesn't get to that point.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to GolfSpy_SHARK in What are your summer goals???   
    Agreed it’s been tough not playing yet but has allowed me to really analyze and try to correct issues as well as set realistic goals
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to GolfSpy_SHARK in What are your summer goals???   
    Yea it sucks but they’ll be open soon enough I am sure.
    i follow these 2 a lot. They’re great and break things down simply. Can’t wait for the rounds to start
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    GambyGolfGuy got a reaction from GolfSpy_SHARK in What are your summer goals???   
    Decide on a perfect driver upgrade then break 80!  With all the course closed around here it's been an opportunity for stronger goal setting and analysis.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to bens197 in What are your summer goals???   
    This summer was supposed to be the year I qualify for Districts. I haven’t competed since 2005 and I still have the itch and I know I can play. It’ll take practice but my wife is 100% on board with me trying.

    COVID has other plans. This now becomes my 15 month plan.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to beelzeberto in What are your summer goals???   
    Break 80, then do it consistently. 
    Find a comfortable distance to the green and not use my driver as much when I don’t have to, more short game work. 
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to Camille Bissarro in What are your summer goals???   
    Trying to get my index into single digits. Working especially on approach and putting, but driving consistency as well.
    May everyone work hard, play lots, and attain their goals!
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to GregB135 in Driver v Driver (Which One Wins it’s place in the bag)   
    Right now I’m liking the feel and results of the PXG. It may not be as consistently long as the Titleist but it seems to be going straighter.
    Keeping it in the bag for now as the gamer heading into a league play event on Saturday.

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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to Sluggo42 in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    I suppose it really matters what you’re after.
    $200-$300 gets you distance, total or carry. Club speed and ball speed for the most part.
    then it basically jumps to $450-$600, and there you get the same stuff, but then you get the next wave of stuff like spin, launch angle, maybe AOA and the such. Units like the Mevo, SC300, EA-B1, etc
    im working on the beta for “Shot Vision”, which is free for basic, and something like $6.99 a month for added features like gapping, combines, and some on line competition stuff, which I haven’t tried. I do everything indoors with that in my garage and a net. But you get spin, launch angle, AOA, , features like the $500 units give. They’re trying to get the yardages grooved in, and seem close right now. It “misses” some shots, and sometimes it’s hard to find the “sweet spot” for phone setup. And it will eat up your phone battery, I’ve gotten to where I have the charger plugged in while using it- easy to do when in your garage. I haven’t gotten to try using it outside yet.
    then you can jump up to “skytrac” for $2300 neighborhood, which would be the cats meow because it’ll do everything and be a simulator as well.
    all of these have limitations to their accuracy in my humble opinion, as they either use a camera, or a Doppler, and then some fancy algorithms to create the rest of the data.
    That’s the key to it all in my opinion. If you already know your distances from actually playing golf, you can kind of tell how well the unit is working. I think the Doppler units are probably more accurate., and we’ll see if the camera units can get better. I actually think the skytrac is a camera based system that’s pretty smart, but don’t hold me to it, that’s just a guess
    to me....or imho....
    I wouldn’t waste my money on one of these “cheaper” monitors unless you have a specific  need. They’re fun for a while, but then you get bored rather quickly. It’s basically the next step above blindly blasting balls into a net, and so for that reason, I would just get the “shot vision” app for your iPhone, and too bad if you’re android, they didn’t make that one yet. It’s not fully accurate yet, and it still misses shots, but if you hit a bunch of shots and they average to 150, but you know you hit it 140, then just go with that. I mean you know when you hit a 9 iron 185 yards, it’s probably a misread right? But if it says 136 and you hit it pretty cleanly, you know it got a good read on that one. I test it against a SC200, and so I can tell how it’s reading on average, but, I do t really trust the swing caddy either when it tells me I just swung a SW at 82 mph, because that’s a bit on the high side, so accuracy with all of them, in every catagory, is suspect, until you get more expensive models.
    if I was going to spend actual money, I would build a home simulator with Optishot 2 and a n impact screen, and a digital projector. I think you’re be in the $1000 range for a workable system, and my very little bit of looking into that sees that there are a few “extra’s” that would make the experience better for a few hundred more, and I think you need a decent projector. Not super accurate I’ve heard, but way funnier than hearing a little voice announcing your distance over and over. R-Motion is another option, but the sensors are a bit of a pain I hear.
    please use YouTube!!! You can find many little videos on all of the different systems out there, and there are many.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to pozzit in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    I have yet to test the app but check this thread 
    and check with @Sluggo42 he has been a beta tester for the app
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    GambyGolfGuy got a reaction from GolfSpy MPR in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    I'm most intrigued by the app possibilities like shot vision.  These other $500 trackers feel really overpriced at the moment, but would expect them to come down in the next couple years, kind of like how GPS was when it first came out.  Next thing you know it was on every phone.
    Feels like our phones already have these capabilities, just need to the right app to come out.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to ObsessiveIndecisive in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    I was in the same boat needing something to add to my net setup and just picked up a mevo. I got it used from fb’s golf sim group bc they are mostly sold out online and it has been great so far. 
    It is super user friendly and the numbers are really going to help with my gapping. You need to have 8’ between the ball and the net and 7’ from the ball to the mevo so just be sure you have enough space. 
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to pozzit in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    Well there are a host of options depending on what your really looking for. If you want to play courses or just get numbers that can make a big difference. MGS did a budget Launch Monitor test https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-personal-launch-monitor-2019/

    So do some research in these but if your looking for playing courses your main options are: R-Motion or Optishot which have less then reliable numbers but your get courses (I have used both they are fun and can help give you a ball park but not the most accurate)

    If your just looking for numbers there's more options (most covered in MGS Article): VoiceCaddy products, Rapsodo, Mevo, Garmin G80, PRGR, and some have tested a Free mobile app Shot Vision.

    If you have an expectation that this will not be a GCQuad or Trackman, and you remember you are likely paying under $500, you should enjoy.

    Good luck finding what is best.

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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to MattDNC74 in Best Launch monitor under 1000 bucks   
    What would anyone recommend out there?  I don't want to spend more than 1000 dollars and I'm going to be hitting into a net as I sadly failed to earn enough money to build a range in my back garden.
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to jkpigott in Best Bang for the Buck - Around $300   
    Several come to mind from 2019
    1) Cobra F9 (seen it nationally at $249)
    Great ball speed and good forgiveness. Also with you swing speed, keeping spin down is probably an issue. Cobra spins lower even with heavier weight set in the rear.
    2) Mizuno ST190 (under $300 for sure)
    Another good ball speed and lower spinning option. Keeps spin down even if you have a lighter weight shaft
    Two thoughts on shafts. First shorter. Stock shafts for most mfrs are in the 45.5 to 45.75 inch range. Cobra offers a Tour Length option (44.5"). MUCH easier to make consistent center-face contact and hit more fairways.  At your speed, you won't see much distance drop but bet you will hit more fairways.
    Would also look at a heavier/stiffer shaft.  If you were a consistent 115+ I would very likely fit you in a XS, but at minimum look at a 75g S like a Hazardous Smoke or for a little lighter feel a Hazardous Yellow.  Either should offer tighter dispersion than the 60g shaft you have in now.
    Good luck!
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to dhartmann34 in Best Bang for the Buck - Around $300   
    Ping G400/G400 Max... No contest.

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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to DHug62 in Best Bang for the Buck - Around $300   
    Speedback from 2019 is a decent value ... bought one in Feb for about $290 per my specs and so far not so bad - modernizing from a G30, which really worked well for me ... ! just saw them on budget golf for $249 today - though shaft selection is thin
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    GambyGolfGuy reacted to Micah T in Best Bang for the Buck - Around $300   
    A PING G410 plus is only $399 brand new, so you can definitely get one used for $300. I’ve posted on some other threads about my experience with it, but it’s the most forgiving driver I’ve hit, ever. I tested all the new drivers on a LM and went with the ping based on data, and I’ve been rewarded on the course. 
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