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  1. I played in Scotland this summer - eight rounds in eight days, and had either a forecaddie (shared) or a personal caddie almost every round. I did much better with the forecaddies - give me distances, course nuances, green reads and other info and let me figure out how to get it there. The personal caddies at some great courses wanted me to just take extra club into the wind rather than trust my knockdown I'd worked on all spring and summer leading up to the trip. One caddie gave me a few bad green reads, another was a wizard. My best round was played at the Old Course with an off-duty caddie. He and I played the tips while his two guests played up a few tees (I was a waiting line add-on). He and I had similar length and so he just gave me the lines and said there's trouble on the right so keep it left, make sure you carry the front (bunker) because the green is plenty deep, etc. I played my worst when caddies tried to club me or didn't help me understand the layout of the hole. Depends on what your style is and what you like, but in the end trust your game and make your own decisions.
  2. I'll join in... Dry swing with my driver - topping out at 101 MPH
  3. TC-KS Golfer

    Maxfli Tour

    I went down a similar path and even did my own testing. I was a regular Pro v-1 player who was dabbling with checking out the AVX so I hit a bunch of balls on a launch monitor. I hit 75-yd wedge shots, full 7-ions, and full drivers, recording launch angle, spin rate, and total carry on my ten best swings with each club and with each ball: Pro v1, AVX, and the Maxfli TourX. AVX was a clear loser - in terms of iron spin and driver carry distance, but the Prov V1 and Maxfli were indistinguishable. Since then, I've switched back and forth between Pro V1 and Maxfli tourX and cannot tell a difference in all kinds of wind and turf conditions. I was worried that maybe heavy winds would impact its performance, but it really hasn't. I do think there is a slight difference in how they come off the putter, but I am not good enough to really blame that for my putting. I've now been playing the Maxfli almost exclusively and will completely stick with it once my last sleeve of ProV1s is gone.
  4. I saw the great reviews on here and other places, bought a dozen and got a nice signed letter from Dean Snell with my MTB-X balls. I un-boxed and played a few, but I noticed some balls had a visible seam across them. On some balls it was more noticeable than others. I dumped them into my shag bag and went back to my old standbys. Was hoping this would be a cheaper alternative but after seeing the seam, I just lost confidence in them. I didn't play them enough to tell you if it caused any issue but I cannot imagine it wouldn't to some degree.
  5. I've been playing since about age 7 I think...had a good junior program in my tiny hometown. Handicap is 9.6 right now. What do you love about golf? Being outdoors, being competitive, the constant challenge to figure it out and then keep it if you ever do What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? A buddy of mine and I got into a discussion on equipment, he had some good info and told me he got it here. Where are you from? What is your home course? Overland Park, KS area -- play mostly in the SOJOCO area: Ironhorse and then some at OP/St. Andrews and Heritage What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best = lots of courses and great evening/twilight summer golf / Worst = rainy springs with unpredictable weather makes it hard to get the game going What do you do for a living? Help people with business problems How’d you pick your user name? threw together some letters and "Golfer" (boring)
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