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  1. I've play the miura tc501 for a few years they are the perfect clubs for me. The feel is unbelievable and I have no desire to try anything else. Talked my friend into trying the ic-601's loves them and his hcp has dropped from 16 to 12 and he's really enjoying the game. Sent from my SM-G970W using Tapatalk
  2. I have the clubs that I want and have left my opinion about them. I don't have an opinion on a number of items that don't concern me and if I'm interested in something I'll look for others opinion . If I was a tester I'd give my detailed opinion but since it seems that this forum expects opinions on a number of things I don't have the time or interest in being an equipment junkie and then posting for the sake of posting. As you can see I'm pretty blunt so likes are something I don't care about. Super Speed was just something that might be useful in my rehab. I have other equipment lik
  3. Thanks for the info but I don't think I'd meet the criteria in two days so I'll pass
  4. Got email from golfspy about super speed thought it might be something I'm interested in since I haven't been able to play for 2 years due to shoulder surgery. Now as to opinion about equipment I play Miura mc501 prior to surgery and see no reason to look at anything else as they are the best irons I've ever hit and have no desire to change.
  5. Well looks like this is a waste of time for me as I don't spend all my time on the computer. I like looking up peoples opinion of equipment and will give mine but I don't have 15 things to talk about
  6. I've tried may irons and can honestly say that now that I've tried the mc501's I've stopped my search. Best feeling iron I've ever hit. Long irons feel like butter. If you like switching iron and trying different irons every year these are not for you.
  7. So if I understand correctly I need to go and give my opinion on some equipment or issue 15X then I will be unlocked?
  8. Thought this is just replying, so this is classified as a post for unlocking my account?
  9. How do I post 15 times if it won't let me post?
  10. On the super speed testers forum Sent from my SM-G970W using Tapatalk
  11. Signed up but won't let me post Sent from my SM-G970W using Tapatalk
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