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  1. Little lead tape on the toe side of the 3 wood which I can clean off. Also, here’s shaft on the hybrid:
  2. Looking to buy a 15* SIM Ti 3 wood head (non-Max version). Also, if anyone is in the market for a cult favorite hybrid or fairway wood, I've got two Callaway X2 Hot Pro items. These both have great profiles and sit nice and flat. 1) X2 Hot Pro 15* 3 wood with Aldila Tour Green 75 X. Black Golfpride 2G Wrap midsize. Standard specs. 2) X2 Hot Pro 18* 2 hybrid with a UST Mamiya iRod 85F5 shafts (x-stiff). Lamkin UTX. Standard specs. If interested, I will add pics. Looking for $50 each or would do a package deal for $85 plus shipping.
  3. Had a follow-up fitting/gapping session scheduled with True Spec to get my irons bent to the correct specs from my initial fitting, but they just cancelled my appointment tomorrow and, as of right now, aren't planning on re-opening until June 16th! My OCD golf tinkering mind cannot stand playing with irons that I know DO NOT fit me properly. Looking for a Good Samaritan near the Boston-area (within 45 min drive) with access to a Mitchell loft/lie machine who would be willing to bend me into shape. Can offer a new box of Pro V1s or name your price. Thankful golf is back! Thanks in advance
  4. Anyone tried the Trident Align Ball Marker. Price is steep, but it has me intrigued.
  5. 100% agree with @adamflowers
  6. My 3 favorite: Rosemark NEO (w/o nubs), either 1.25 or 1.52. Great shape that fits my hands perfectly. Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol New Scotty Pistolero that comes on the Phantom X putters (similar to the original Pistolero but with slightly less taper at the bottom)
  7. Any 2019 Apex Pro players out there that can comment on turf interaction? I was fitted for them last October at True Spec and just recently pulled the trigger on a set. Hit them great in my fitting, but obviously have yet to play them outside. For more of "players iron" the sole is pretty flat and wide with little/no camber (at least compared to my old Mizuno MP-59s). Just wondering if anyone out there can comment on the turf interaction? Thanks!
  8. Will be curious to see what clubhead you all use. Wonder if the shaft is better suited to a traditional hybrid head versus a driving iron head?
  9. zbdubs

    SIK putters

    Thanks for the reply @cnosil. I was just looking to see if anyone could confirm if there was any legitimacy behind the technology.
  10. Lockdown time-killer... I want to get a new set of grips to install myself. Any tips on building up the lower hand to reduce taper? Do I build up the lower hand with regular masking tape first, then cover it with a full length double-sided grip tape? Or can I do the lower hand build-up with the d.s. grip tape as well? Does it matter? Unfortunately, I don't like any of the stock reduced taper OEM grips. Lamkin's Player Full Cord PLUS is out of stock. I wish GP would make their Tour Velvet Full Cord with the Plus4 feature.
  11. Thanks @AGutierrez7. I left my 4 iron off by mistake. The gapping is funny. I carry the X2 about 235 yards with a lot of spin and no roll. I carry the GAPR about 225-230 off the tee with some rollout. But I agree with you. Love the GAPR mid look and I need to get more comfortable hitting it from other places than the tee.
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