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  1. 1. Omar from Chandler, AZ 2. I've never used a GPS device or watch 3. I currently use a laser rangefinder for yardages (Bushnell Tour V5) Good luck everyone!
  2. I had the estimated build date on mine change three times. I ordered on 4/25, (Driver, wood, hybrid and 0311Xf irons), my first estimated build date was 5/15/2020 and then after that passed it changed to 5/25 and then it was just blank for about 10 days. It just updated last Friday to picked/in assembly but am doubtful that they're actually assembling anything as it conveniently happened after I reached out to my fitter for an update since the previous 3 people at PXG customer service who promised me a detailed update ghosted me.. 4 days later I still haven't heard back from my fitter on the promised update either. Its one thing if it's delayed and you're able to provide the reason for it i.e. the specific heads I ordered aren't in til blank date and then they'll get built on this date etc. but the big issue I'm having is that after about 4 separate attempts to get an order update after my $2000+ order has been delayed to 7 weeks, I've gotten nothing but the generic COVID response they copy and paste on social media and then ZERO follow up on specifics after. You have to wonder at what point extending the PXG deal was solely greed to capitalize on sales, when they clearly can't keep up with the production and more importantly is killing their previous image of "ultimate" customer service. I'm hoping they pick it up and this all ends up being worth it. I've been tempted to cancel but keep waiting thinking that it's right around the corner.. here I am 7 weeks later still waiting
  3. Great to hear that they were at least willing to hear you out and offer some accessories to make up for the lousy packaging. I'm now sitting at about week 6 with no update and their online tracking tool says my build is estimated to start on 5/15/20... I do hope that they're able to get my clubs out soon. I was very happy with the fitting and am looking forward the clubs themselves but am not sure I would have pulled the trigger knowing the delay would have been as long as it has been already. I opted to pick it up at their HQ in Scottsdale so am curious what packaging they'll be providing when that day finally comes.
  4. Wow! That's the first I heard of them shipping out their clubs in plain cardboard boxes. The situation must be worse than I first assumed over at PXG. Spent over $2K with them and can't even get a call back from them.
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  6. I feel like PXG may be in way over their heads with the influx of orders they've been getting. I've noticed it's started to affect their customer service. They've repurposed many of their mobile fitters all over the country to answer phones on their customer service lines. I went in and got fitted at the PXG HQ in Scottsdale in April. I ordered the XF 4-PW, 19 Hybrid, 3 wood and XF driver from them. I'm now on my 5th week of waiting since submitting my order in and they haven't started the build yet! My estimated production date has been pushed back twice on the online tracker and no one over the phone has been able to even give me an estimate on when they will start. Best I've heard is maybe I'll get them around mid June. Anyone else experiencing crazy delays on their orders? When I first went in I was told 3 weeks and now it's looking like it could easily exceed 8 weeks!
  7. Hey Everyone! New to the game of golf, only been at it for a couple of months and am completely hooked! I understand the obsession fully now. The challenge and plethora of unique approaches to the game, courses and opportunity to continuously improve sucked me right in. Happy to be part of and join MyGolfSpy, have leaned on many of these forums for beginner advice and looking forward to continue to learn from you all! I'm Arizona born and raised - Just now at the age of 31 am starting to take advantage of the incredible selection of courses available here. Better late than never, right? Currently working for an Australian tech company managing North American operations and am excited to play some of those great courses back there when we're able to travel again. Pretty straightforward on username, initials and well... Golf. Cheers!
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