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  1. Danny/Brielle,NJ ipad Outdoors no net Indoors with a net
  2. Dan/Brielle,NJ/USA Odyssey White Hot The Floki or the Ketsch. I've always used blade putters and would like to give a mallet putter a try.
  3. I never heard of it before now. I just signed up. I'll see if keep up with it. I use GHIN for my handicap.
  4. First group off the tee for me. I love finishing a round before they are serving lunch! If I play later in the day all I do is think about my round and get nothing done.
  5. Anyway here's Wonderwall. Yeah I love Nickelback!
  6. My nephew put a trip together for a foursome about 3 years ago. He did all the arraignments himself, no tour group, no package. We played 4 rounds of golf in 5 days, stayed at two different hotels(3/4 Stars). Flew into and out of Shannon. The whole thing cost about $1400. We drove ourselves, that would be the only thing I would change. We played Lahinch, Trump's Doonebeg, Port Marnock and Howeth .
  7. Being in New Jersey I'm gonna go with Pine Valley. I went to Ireland a few years ago and crossed a few off the list: Port Marnok, Lahinch, and Trump's Dunebeg. Going back soon to knock out a couple more.
  8. I've always preferred walking anyway. My 12 year old is starting to play, he asked"When are we going to ride in a cart?". I said"When you pay for it."
  9. Having been ridiculed for it my whole life could i please get the LEFTY badge please.
  10. Real simple and not by design. I bought/demoed the irons and the woods at different times and different places and it just worked out this way. May upgrade this season( if it ever starts) Driver -PING G400. 10 degree loft Fairway woods- PING g400 3W, 5W Hybrid- PING- 22 degree Irons PW-5- PING G30 green dot Wedges- Callaway Mack Daddy- 52,54,60 Putter- Odyssey- White Hot Pro
  11. I'm sure all the Jersey golfers have seen this but if you haven't, our idiot governor has reopened the state to golfers starting on Saturday. I'm sure the courses won't be too crowded.
  12. Hi! I'm a Jersey boy. I've been playing golf for about 25 years I love the fact that golf is something I can do for the next 25 years Best thing I ever did was get my wife playing when we were dating, it doubled my rounds per year. I stumbled on GolfSpy when looking for equipment reviews. I'm down the Jersey Shore. I play all the Monmouth County courses Only down side is having to go to work I work in manufacturing up north
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