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  1. Has anybody heard any news about if Cobra will be coming out with new UI’s or wedges soon? More specifically in One Length? I’m thinking there will be an announcement soon as two years seems like their usual release times, but who knows
  2. Sometimes rumours are the only way to stay entertained at work lol
  3. New guy here from Edmonton, only been playing seriously for a year. It was always hard to go play the random golf game because the wife would not be ecstatic about it (she doesn’t play). But recently I bought a membership to Edmonton Petroleum Golf Club and now she encourages me to go . She wins too because now she can bring her friends to a private club for some food. I’m a high handicap at 30, but working on bringing that down. The game is great because you can play and learn on your own unlike other sports, and it’s something you can do with friends and have great conversations. Have you e
  4. Is there a section to talk about rumours of new product etc.? (If not, maybe there could be?) I’m wondering if Cobra is coming out with new One Length UI’s or wedges.
  5. Even though it’s a small poll, I believe this shows a representation of how the younger age group isn’t getting into golf as much as the older age groups. We need another Tiger Woods to spark a fire in golf again. Or am I way out to lunch on this? Lol
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