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  1. Sent message. I’m in if spots are open.
  2. I was going to do 5, 10, 15 and see how different the results might be. Obviously the further away we get, the bigger the error, but by how much? Since a laser will be involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5 footers are slightly off.
  3. Here are my 3 guys: 1) Daniel Berger - he has been solid his past 6 rounds (T2, CUT, T3, 1, T4, T5) 2) Matthew Fitzpatrick - longshot to win, but his putting has been on fire. If he can get his irons to find the green, he'll make some putts. 3) Brooks Kopeka - Major Brooks is here. He proved me wrong last week (I thought he would continue to struggle). There is a 250 yd par 3 this week? Yikes. I wonder what the yardage will be if the hole is placed in the back.
  4. I'll be using the laser later this week and gathering some data to include in my final review. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  5. I didn’t realize fire ants could be such a hazard to request a drop. I guess Bryson could be deathly allergic to them...the tour official that had to have that conversation with him was not very happy.
  6. I played yesterday and let my buddy line up his putts during the round with it and he loved it. He said it was helping him figure out if he was actually picking the right lines or not, but also trusting he was hitting the line he wanted.
  7. 79 42/37 9 pars, 2 birdies 30 putts (only 1 3 putt) 5 penalties (I’ll get to that) I played my home course today, Robert Trent Jones Valley course with one of my regular golf buddies. I got to the course about a hour early and went to go hit some balls on the range. Got around to my driver and hit one, I thought man that sounded weird. I pick up the club and notice a big crack on the bottom of the face. No clue how it happened, but thankfully I bought the club through the head pro here at this RTJ. I was able to drop it off and let me handle getting a new head from Ping for me. Disclaimer: I have only had this driver for about a month now. Back to my round, I don’t have a driver, so I’m having to borrow my buddies driver. His driver is the M5 compared to my G410 plus. Let’s just say I lost a ball off the tee on the first 3/4 holes that I needed a driver for. It took me until the back 9 to finally figure it out. Thankfully my irons were on fire today and saved me from my long journey on the tee box. I was pretty stoked about breaking 80 with 5 penalties. Could have been one of my PR days as my best par 72 record is 77.
  8. I have a problem with losing or breaking sunglasses somehow. So after breaking my first pair of Raybans, I decided I'm going cheap for now on. I wanted a cheap pair that keeps snug on my face and is polarized. I stumbled across Goodr sunglasses in a running store for $25 and decided to try them out. I have loved them and definitely suggest them if you are looking for something cheap. You can get different color lenses/frame that fit your style. https://goodr.com/
  9. I have slowly gathered some data from putting. I have used the Align XL, Triple Track, OEM alignment aid, and no alignment at all. I have tallied 50 putts of each from 5 and 10 ft, both being decently straight as I’m doing these on the practice green at my regular course. I wanted a base line to see if they are all decently close in results for the straight putts. I’ll go into more detail later, but I was between 41 and 43 out of 50 on the 5 footers. I plan on now using each of the 4 options with breakers from 8 ft, 15 ft, and then do a smaller sample size on longer putts to see if it makes much of a difference. I have started the 8 ft breakers and have definitely enjoyed using the Align XL and Triple Track. It really is helping me commit to the line I select, now if I can just figure out the speed on some of these breaks. Another test I want to run here soon is trying to line up the alignment balls 5, 10, and 20 ft away from a ruler. Pick a number, try and line it up, then get a laser and see how close I actually was.
  10. Good luck! You could win the shoes and glove he used at the 3M Open https://www.footjoy.com/fjwyw-entry-form.html?&sc_src=email_485122&sc_lid=29396649&sc_uid=oRFK7yduFe&sc_llid=495267&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FJWYW-Thompson0727_2020&sc_customer=5004968
  11. The 9th hole was giving people fits today and deservedly so. It was playing as a 512 yard par 4 with water all down the right side. The green has a portion that extends of water and that’s of course where the pin was today. The scoring average was 4.53 and had 17 double bogies or worst. Only 8 birdies out of 155 people! Other than hole 9, lots of birdies. Do y’all like to see a birdie fest or something like the Memorial where it is a grind the whole time?
  12. 82 43/39 9 pars, 1 birdie, 2 doubles : / 9/14 FIRs and 8/18 GIRs 34 putts / 11 chips I played the tips at my home course today, the Ridge course at RTJ Oxmoor Valley. I usually play one tee up, but wanted to challenge myself. Today’s round allowed me to work on different shot angles off the tee and longer irons into the green. I couldn’t get many putts to fall today, but the speed and line was there. Shot of the day was really hole of the day on hole 18. Playing 592 yards today, I hit driver/3 wood to 5 ft short of the green. Chipped up and sunk a 15 footer for birdie.
  13. @Nolan220 I believe it did help me visualize my line I wanted to hit a little better off the tee. My shot I like to hit right now off the tee is a fade, so I think it helped me line up better at the start. Unfortunately, it didn’t magically unlock the secret to hitting 14/14 fairways, BUT it was sweet watching it take off on the exact line you intended. Like @Lacassem said, I didn’t line up the ball except for on the tee and on the green. I’m really liking the alignment aid on the green. It’s helping me commit to the line especially on the breakers.
  14. About to tee off in 30. I’ll try it out and report back.
  15. @yungkory if you get the NXT Solelaces, I’ll gladly take those Nike Zoom/Jordan’s off your hands if they are just going to be sitting there collecting dust. But then again, it’ll be cool to where a different pair every time you go to the course...
  16. Exciting times @cjeff12. Congrats on the future for y’all two!
  17. Did you line up every shot (driver/iron/wedge) to make contact with the 180 degree line? I’m curious if you placed the line more on the top of the golf ball or on the back side to where the club makes contact. I posted earlier about intentionally hitting the line for 18 holes on a par 3 course and saw more scuffs than I thought I would. That’s just one round with it for me though so far.
  18. I really want to back the young gun, so hopefully his intro will seal the deal for me. Although, I’m a big Ok State golf fan, so another competitor could slip in and steal my backing. We shall see...
  19. I just saw where there were zero bogey free rounds today. Can’t wait to see how hard it is tomorrow and if Rahm can keep it up.
  20. I made sure every tee shot was struck on 180 degree line on my ball. If it was any other ball, I don’t think I line it up every time. That was also with an iron off the tee for 18 holes as compared to a driver. So I’ll definitely be trying it on a regular course also to see how it holds up.
  21. Congrats testers, should be a fun group to follow!
  22. Really got to dive into doing some testing today. I am working on compiling some data on putts between different alignments/no alignment. Something I found interesting today. I played the par 3 course today, 18 holes. I used the same Align XL ball the whole time. Here is the before and after pictures. The marking for the 180 degree line seems to come off a little easier than I was hoping it would. Some of the ink had definitely come off on one side of the line and the other side had a couple nicks in it as well. It still didn’t mess with my eye sight and still helped me line up my shots/putts.
  23. My local course is pretty tight. I'll definitely be hitting up some other courses that are wide open to make sure I get the most use out of these balls. I can see it now, telling myself to not leaving the club face open....very next swing, I block/slice/whatever into the woods.
  24. I finally got to open my package as work got in the way the past couple days due to a storm passing through. For the Titleist Pro V1s that I am testing, I wasn't expecting the enhanced alignment around the Pro V1, like @Nunfa0 mentioned earlier, to go along with the 180 degree personalized line, but I like it! I don't think this is the new standard, but an option you can select from when purchasing. I'm excited to start doing some tests and see what results I gather.
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