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  1. Scott / Greensboro, NC iPhone SE (2020 version) and iPad / iOS 14.2 Testing both indoor and outdoor ... mostly indoor with net now that it is winter Yes on net and space requirements Thanks for the opportunity. I have been wanting a launch monitor for some time, but have yet to purchase one. The Rapsodo is the one I am most interested in. Intrigued with their indoor into a net capabilities.
  2. Scott / Greensboro, NC / /USA Odyssey - White Hot Pro / V-Line FETCH MODEL ... several reasons to test this putter. First, I love Ping putters and have several I switch out to from time to time. I have a favorite (less known) VSL that is similar to the Hepler face design in that it has no milling or insert. I also have a B-60 with an un-milled face design that I love to pull out. Although they are both older models, they are timeless in design. It's also good to feel the stronger toe hang weight from time to time. Second, the Fetch has a semi-similar look to the Odyssey Two-Ball I h
  3. Scott / Greensboro, NC Mizuno - MP-T5 51/8 and 56/10 Would prefer to test the same lofts as I think that would give the best comparison ... so 51 or 56 degree. Thanks
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