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  1. Tim/ Chandler, AZ. Have used a backyard net in the past, but haven't had one for some time. No, never used a launch monitor with one.
  2. Tim/Chandler, AZ Size 12 Footjoy Comfort
  3. Name/City State: Tim/Chandler, Arizona Zelos Model & Flex You Wish To Test: Zelos 8, R2 or Senior flex Swing Speed: 85 mph with a driver Current Shaft/Flex In Use: Dynamic Gold R300
  4. Tim in Chandler AZ. Right handed Primary choice: 18* - UiHi KBS Tour 90 Regular Backup choice: VKTR+18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Handicap: 11 Currently play either long irons or hybrids, depending on what set strikes my fancy today.
  5. Would love to try one of these. Tim Chandler, AZ Cobra F9 11 handicap 89 mph swing speed TSi3
  6. Sure would like to try these. Tim/ Phoenix, AZ. 12 Handicap Current wedges are Wilson TC's Raw finish's primary appeal is reduced glare (it's really sunny and bright here in Phoenix).
  7. Sure would love to try these. Currently have some C200's and F5's, as well as some FG17's that are still fun to play. Wilson is very under rated, and their irons are as good as anybody's. Tim/Chandler, AZ. Current handicap is 10. I have a lot of different sets I play. Last week it was Bridgestone J40. Was planning on the Wilson C200's next week.
  8. Tim Frigon Chandler, AZ Have used the Golf Buddy, but currently use a Bushnell laser finder. My brother uses one of the GPS watches.
  9. I've always liked Tour Edge equipment. I've had drivers, irons, putters, and of course their fairway woods and hybrids. First Name / State of Residence - Tim/Arizona Handicap - 12 Current Hybrid in Play - Adams or Wilson, depending on the set being played that day. What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - Playability, launch angle, and distance.
  10. I've used alignment aids off and on. Currently "on", as it likely doesn't hurt. I'd use this opportunity to conduct a "designed experiment" using a statistically significant number of putts both with and without the alignment aid, and look at the difference in performance. Probably do it on both straight and breaking putts and from two different lengths. The theory is that it becomes more beneficial on longer putts, as shorter ones don't require the alignment precision of longer ones. Probably need to estimate directional variation from the hole rather than simply counting "makes and miss
  11. Tim, Chandler, AZ Handicap 12 Current model played: Various. Bridgestone J40, Hogan FTX, Wilson D100 Wish to test the Pro Combo set
  12. I'd think any good shaft fitting would do the trick. From a shaft fitting perspective, there's likely not much to choose from with a different brand head on the end of the stick (Hogan vs. Mizuno). If a set is very strong lofted, a softer shaft might gain some launch angle, but a shaft fitting in general would provide the answers, I'd think. Personally, I use both clubhead speed as well as shaft loading. Shaft loading reveals tempo and transition from backswing to downswing, while clubhead speed would factor into things like "toe droop" during the swing. If the shaft gets too soft, and t
  13. The new combo set with the Ptx long irons and the Icon short irons look just spectacular. The only thing an old fella like me would prefer is the option to have the UiHi in both the 4 and 5, rather than just the 4, as is shown on the website as the combo set option.
  14. Agreed. I just don't have enough speed to hit a deep faced fairway wood off the deck with sufficient launch angle. Off the tee, a deep face would be better for sure, but off the deck, I need a shallow face. Since I would primarily play the fairway off the deck, that's where I go. I'll typically just choke down on the driver if I need more control. Most of the drivers have such an upright lie angle these days that choking down gets it to a more reasonable lie anyway.
  15. A vote for Enger Park golf course in Duluth, Minnesota. Built in the 20's. Not overly long, but plays longer. Lake Superior not only provides a nice backdrop, but contributes to humidity such that the ball doesn't go as far. And if you look carefully, you'll find a spot in the middle of the parking lot about 3 feet square that's the only flat spot on the property. Duluth is built right on the big lake, and is essentially a big hill, with Enger Park near the top of the hill, so wind can be tricky. No houses anywhere on the course, which is mostly carved out of the forest. Only dra
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