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  1. Brian walter Providence Forge, Virginia weather is hit or miss over those months but I do live on a golf course that is normally not walkable but walk anyway. I currently use a Garmin cycling computer mounted to my push cart when I play.
  2. How do you like your Sub70 irons? Have heard a lot of good things about them.
  3. - I started playing golf in high school after I gave up playing football. Was a complete beginner and worked my way from my first year playing as a sophomore to our teams #1 golfer as a senior. Last year I worked my handicap down to a 7.2 but I had an operation done on my core and it has reset my game. I am currently playing at slightly better than bogey golf - I love the challenge of golf and there are so many aspects of the game that make it unique. - I occasionally do some Caddying and one of the MSG team members also used to caddy at the same course. I frequent the website for reviews and especially the ball lab tests. - I am originally from Cbus, Ohio and used to play all the city courses especially Raymond Memorial. I have recently moved from the west end of Richmond to east of town and and I have a new home course, Brickshire -best thing about the region is lots of good courses and a long playing season. Worst part is the heat of the summer and the courses have a tough time in July and August - I teach middle school math for a living. -My username stems for my Spanish class name in high school I also used to write Nacho on my golf balls during high school golf matches.
  4. Brian/Providence Forge, Va I use a practice net frequently in the backyard. I have used it more and more with the purchase of a Mevo+ LM this spring. The current net I am using is a Rukket. My goal is set up a simulator in the garage this off-season so I am looking at options for netting and impact screens. I know the Spornia has an attachable impact/projection screen for some of their nets. I have no other knowledge or experience with the brand.
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