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  1. My brother got to test a previous Evnroll model, raves about it. Would love to show him up out there.
  2. Always interested in looking for more comfort on the feet out there
  3. Nathan, Monterey CA Used a net for back yard practice when I had limited time after work so I could consistently get swings in. Never used with a launch monitor with exception of in-store, but absolutely would take the opportunity to get a LM to use with it to get better value out of practice.
  4. Nathan Monterey, CA 913 D3 8 100-105 TS2
  5. Nathan, Monterey CA 10 Titleist Vokey SM6 52/58 What I like most about a raw wedge is the absolute lack of shine or glare, and seems to feel just a tad softer with no finish
  6. Hello, Nathan, Monterey CA, USA PXG Bat Attack (Gen 1) Tyne3; very interested in a low/deeper CG with relation to MOI on this style of putter with 15 grams less weight than my current gamer which feels a tad heavy and can affect feel/distance control, especially when greens are firm. I like the head shape which is familiar and suits my eye.
  7. Hello, Current handicap is 10, I am currently moving from Augusta to Monterey and am 2 days away. Current irons are Adams CMB, 8i is 155 yards From what I understand, Sub70 is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer that makes high-performing equipment. Took a look at the blades amd they are gorgeous in that black finish.
  8. Nathan Watkins, Augusta GA The Grint phone app, or Garmin Fenix In-app yardage, yardage markers in the fairway, cart GPS, dead reckoning
  9. My brother played Bandon last summer, said it was the greatest golf experience he's ever had, and the price of admission is worth every penny. I want to go there badly.
  10. At least the CA leg you could stay in the same hotel and knock all 3 rounds out in 2 days
  11. Tell you what, I am putting that on the list for later this summer after I move out west.
  12. Bartram Trail #18 - tee box sits about 20' below landing area, and if you carry more than about 240-250 with a draw, you'll catch the crest and run risk of running down the slope toward the end of the first segment of fairway which falls away sharply to the second segment about 35' down. If you run it out a bit and manage to hold the fairway then you'll have a pretty serious downhill lie which makes the approach a bit tricky to navigate. Leaves a fairly sturdy approach to a severely sloping green L-->R; hope the pin is front right otherwise the chance of holding the back shelf is pretty slim. Par here is always a win, if I only drop a shot here I still consider it a win.
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