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  1. First name/City State: Jonathan, Rentz, GA Current Wedge Played: Callaway Apex Pro 19 AW, Callaway Big Bertha SW (Mid 90's), Cleveland 588 RTX CB 60 Deg. Loft You would Choose: 54 or 56 Deg
  2. Jonathan Rowe - Dublin, Georgia Yes, Android Phone App - SwingU I currently use the SwingU app on my Android phone which tells me distances, keep score, and handicap. I used to use a rangefinder, but found that I didn't play better when I used it so that it was more trouble than it was worth compared to the Phone GPS/SwingU app. A watch would be much better though so that I wouldn't have to keep my phone in my pocket throughout the round.
  3. That's a good question @Cavic79. I just googled the same question, which is how I came upon your post from several months back. I'm looking to replace my irons that I've had a LONG time. I've tried everything in the fitting bays it seems like. Mavrik Pro was unquestionably the best for me (with my old irons and Ping i500 coming in second). So, I'm a big fan of the Mavrik Pro's, but I was sitting here thinking, "I wonder if the Rogue Pro's are pretty much the same thing, and I could get the same performance for half the price." Would love to hear from anyone who has experienced both.
  4. Brand New Titleist TS2 driver, custom fit at Club Champion Sandy Springs. I played with a Ping i15 driver for maybe 10 years and just switched. I loved my Ping driver, had zero issues with it, was the best club in my bag. I bought the full-bag fitting on sale, mainly to get fit for irons. But, the fitter said he knew he could improve my driver and didn't think he could improve my irons. I was quite shocked that he turned out to be exactly right. I'm a good driver of the ball, pretty routinely bombing 300 yarders. But, this club just makes it a little bit easier to do the same thing. I think it gave me an extra 10+ yards and keeps me in the fairway maybe 20% more. I had a pretty heavy x-stiff shaft in my old driver. This new fitting got me in an Accra shaft ... not as stiff/heavy, but still really stable, and really suits my swing and corrects my hook/over-draw error. Can't remember all the info on the shaft, maybe I can come back and update in a bit. Brand new Taylormade Sim 3W ... same Accra shaft, fit at Club Champion. Wayyyyy better 3 wood than I've ever played before, shaft makes a world of difference, and the head does it's job really well. Looking at hitting it 260'ish ... more if I crank up the juice on it. Brand new Ping-something (400/410 maybe?) 4-hybrid. Stock, stiff shaft, bought at PGA Superstore in HHI before I went for the fitting. Fitter said it fits me well and we couldn't really improve it. I really like this club, but I'm wishing it were maybe a 3-hybrid or something slightly less lofted, more powerful. It's probably too big a jump from that to the 3W, and it really has a LOT of overlap, distance-wise, with my regular 4-iron. Look at hitting it maybe 220'ish. OK, now my irons!! I have played the original Callaway Big-Bertha irons since I was 15 years old and am 39 now, so like almost 25 years. I finally decided it was time to "upgrade". I wanted to look at more of a players iron as I considered myself a good ball-striker. I'm really just recently getting into the whole equipment craze, and mostly because I'm finally looking to play more and upgrade irons. So, a couple months back, I tried a few sets and bought a set of Callaway Apex Pro 16's. 1/2" long, Project X 6.5 shafts, slightly oversized grips. There were things about those irons that I loved ... felt great when hit well. There were times I struck them wonderfully ... but myyyyy gooodnesssss ... I came down with a baaaad virus (sorry for the untimely joke) of hoselitis. I COULD NOT quit s-you-know-whating the ball. I'd hit a great shot and then s-you-know-what the next 5. I'd bomb a drive and have 60 yards to the pin and DREADED that next shot. Could not understand it!!!! So, frustrating ... wanted to quit. Well, yesterday I went back to the old irons and the you-know-what's were completely gone. I was green-pin-seeking again ... fun again. So, now there is no doubt I'm returning those Apex pro's ... probably great irons, but not for me. REalllly wanted to love them. But, when you've played with something 25 years, it's hard for the body/mind to change, I guess. The old irons had firm graphite shafts in them and were so much lighter, slightly more offset (which I don't really want, but...) ... I guess that's why my body/mind/tempo just could not make that adjustment. And, why change? I'm doing really well with those old Big Berthas. BUT, now I'm back on the market for irons that may truly upgrade my game just a little. Would like to try some of those Mizuno's Mygolfspy has been recommending in every category now (maybe some newer Callaways, since my body has been swinging Callaways for so long). And, I think I may request the fitter to try me for graphite shafts even though that's not in style with irons now. I'm pretty high swing speed, but the lightness of the shaft over so many years, just fits my tempo, I guess. Would love some feedback/opinions on this if anyone has any. (Side-note, tried some Ping Blueprint's around the time I bought the Apex's and really hit those surprisingly well in the bay ... if they'd had them in stock, I would've bought them ... Golf is such a strange game, or maybe I'm a strange player.) Cleveland something lob wedge (60 degree). Pretty nice around the green. Do not trust myself with anything near a full swing with it. Have been trying a Ping Glide-2.0 for the SW (56*), but have been having the same trouble with it as with the apex pro's (got fit for it at the same time). Reeeeallllly need a gap wedge to fit my game/set now. The BB's don't have one. My gap goes from 105 to 135 from BB SW to BB PW. And, I use those distances all the time. LOVE my Taylormade Spider putter. It has made me SUCH a better putter. The optics are huge for me ... it has a parallel line and also a perpendicular line ... that makes a huge difference for me in lining up correctly. And, it strikes the ball consistently for me. I put a Scotty Cameron grip on it (a firmer, medium size one). I need a new bag!!! Have a Nike stand-bag that is as old as my irons (25 years) and it's about to see it's last days. It's been a good one though. I'm so picky and overly-analytical about these things though! Also, am thinking of getting a push/pull cart. Oh yeah, the ball. My go-to ball is a yellow Callaway Chromesoft-X. Was surprised and alarmed to hear about the quality control issues reported by MGS. Yikes! I also enjoy the usual suspects, Pro V1, V1X, even AVX, TP5X, TP5, etc. I'll definitely play with any of those when I find them on the course. This was fun to write about. Sorry to bore, TLDR.
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