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  1. Bridgestone J40's. Feel great, nice natural soft-draw flight, good-confidence-inspiring forgiveness. I'm a fan.
  2. I chose the stock options because they look to be pretty much what I need. A "players-distance" iron is a good category for me - good player and ball striker but benefit from added help from the "Tec". Performance-wise, I would want a mid-high ball flight, mid spin, the ability to hit a nice stock fade but also to draw it if I need to, the 4/5 iron to have a little extra "help" to inspire confidence that it's going to be easy to hit, a good consistent distance without worrying about the "hot/flyer" shots, a little help so that the punishment on off-center ones is minimized, good feel out of the center, not harsh off the center but enough feedback to know where you hit it. Jonathan / Dublin, GA I currently play Mavrik Pro irons with X-100 shafts. These seem to be good irons for me and in the same vain as the Forged-Tec. Over the past 2 years, my handicap has moved from 11 to 8.8. Yes, I agree to participate in forum discussions about my experience with these irons. Glad to have a chance to possibly win and try these out. They look great.
  3. If and when you get that fitting, ask the fitter for access to all of the launch monitor data afterward. They should give you a website where it's all stored and organized nicely. Then it would probably be good to bookmark that website as that data could come in handy over the next few years for many currently unforeseen reasons ... at least that's how it was for me.
  4. I would recommend the Ping Ballnamic ball-fitting (google it). It worked very well for me to get me into a ball that outperforms others for my specific swing characteristics (to my surprise). It costs a little money, but it's a one-time cost that can improve your game and improve the way you spend your money from then on, and it will help you to be confident you're playing the best ball for you. You will put in the preferences that are important to you for your game. You can put in your gamer and see how it compares head-to-head with the recommendation. You can also choose to narrow the recommendations to more budget friendly balls. And, you can do it up to 5 times for a single payment, so you can put in different gamer-balls to compare. If you've got some swing data from a personal monitor or from a fitting you've done or from just taking some swings at a golf store, that would probably be helpful for the ball-fitting.
  5. I have tried lots of balls over the past couple years of getting more into golf. MGS has had a major influence on this (used to just play the best ball I could find in my bag that day). So far I've taken a lot of time with the Bridgestone Tour BX, the Snell MTB-X, Cut-Blue, Pro-V1, Maxfli Tour, and Srixon Z-Star Divide. Cut-Blue and Maxfli Tour were both really, really good for the money. Tour BX (older model) and MTB-X both were fine, but nothing special. Pro-V1 was very good all around. I played Z-Star Divide for a good while simply because it provided such invaluable visual feedback on putting. Then, on a whim, I tried Ping's Ballnamic ball fitting. I had swing data I could put in from a club fitting I did last year. It recommended the Chromesoft X (newest model) for me, which was pretty surprising (Tour BX and Pro-V1X were 2nd and 3rd recommendations). So, I went ahead and bought a sleeve and played them side-by-side with the Z-Star Divide I had been playing most recently. It was definitely a great recommendation. The biggest surprise was the extra distance I got on drives - 5-15 yards extra distance when both were hit well (and this was a pretty good sample size). All of the other factors were also good for me - high greenside spin, not super hard feel, good but not super-spinny off of irons. I certainly haven't noticed any inconsistencies from ball to ball or anything like that. I'm confident I'm playing the best ball for my game and would highly recommend anyone do that ball fitting. I'm around a 10 handicap (short game weakness) with a 107-112 mph driver swing.
  6. vamosjackets

    Maxfli Tour

    I've been trying out the Z-Star "Divide" to experiment with the visual alignment help on putting. I've found that the alignment (easier to get that sightline for me than other alignment graphics on balls) and the feedback on the roll (so much feedback that is just really easy to see, unlike anything else I've used) to be invaluable for me. I was doing the Maxfli Tour before that and did find it to be a very good ball, especially considering the price. I can't say anything conclusively about the performance differences between the two.
  7. I wanted to give an update to my experience with the V3 that I reported previously. I had 3 V3's to malfunction, none lasting more than a month. 1 due to showering, 1 due to a little rain, and a third due to dropping it onto a hardwood floor while trying to put it on - not a very hard fall, but it cracked the casing and quit working. Shotscope customer service replaced all three of these for free. The fourth watch has been night-and-day different in its durability. I've had it for about 5 months now, wearing it every day, playing lots of rounds, some in rainy conditions, have dropped it on the floor a few times. There have been zero issues at all. This one seems very durable. I have no idea why my experience with these watches was so different, can't explain it, but just wanted to relay it. Maybe the fourth watch was just better-made, maybe I had the extreme coincidence of the first 3 being duds, maybe it's all just a big fluke. All things considered, I'm pleased with Shotscope customer service and am overall pleased with the watch and will keep using it.
  8. I found the Mavrik Pro's to be really good for me too in fitting, but didn't pull the trigger. And, then I tried a used set of Bridgestone J40's that showed up in the pro shop. Hit those as good or better than I hit any of the new models in the fitting - total surprise. Some I thought would be good that weren't (at least that day) ... anything Mizuno - as much as MGS has always rated Mizuno's highly, I wanted them to be good for me, but I have never gotten along with any Mizuno irons. One fitter said it could be because Mizuno's have a flatter standard lie angle than other irons ... shrug. For Drivers, 2 years ago, the TS2 surprised me, beating out all the others. The TM Sim and the Ping G410 models surprised me on the bad-for-me end.
  9. Asking $800 or Best Offer ... Reduced to Asking $700 or Best Offer Probably don't need a description of these here among other MGS'ers, but here's one just in case: A beautiful and excellent set of irons. These are a pleasure to play ... hitting a Miura is something every golfer needs to experience, and these are some of the best Miura's ever made, IMO. Solid and soft at the same time, great ball flight, enough forgiveness to help the mishits, good distance control. Standard Length, Lofts, Lie. Grips are in excellent shape. Reviews of the Miura CB57: My Golf Spy: https://mygolfspy.com/miura-cb57-iron-review/ Plugged In Golf: https://pluggedingolf.com/miura-cb57-irons-review/ Driving Range Hero: http://drivingrangeheroes.com/miura-cb57-irons-review/
  10. That would be a good way to treat it. I'm not used to treating a watch that way - I'm not an expensive watch guy. As long as the watch isn't horrendously ugly, I'm going for function over form. If I have to think about my watch, that defeats the purpose of having it (for me). I have the watch to simplify life, to serve me, not for me to serve it. I've got a Casio G-shock watch that I bought for $5 on a clearance sale at Walmart 6 years ago. The only time I take it off is when I put on the V3 for golf. It has lasted 6 years, no new battery, no hiccups whatsoever. It's a little strange to me that an expensive watch wouldn't be as useful/durable as a cheap watch (well, cheap in price, not cheap in quality), but maybe there's some intangible aspect that I don't get.
  11. I love the functionality of the Shotscope. My biggest complaint is that it's not waterproof. I lost one watch to forgetting to take it off before showering. I lost another to playing in the rain one round. This makes dependability an issue, keeps it from being worry free, and from being my everyday watch. Now, I just have to keep it in the golf bag to use when I play so that it doesn't mess up. Make it waterproof and the battery longer lasting, and it will be perfect.
  12. Would you categorize more in the high swing speed, low swing speed, or middle? The AVX performed well in the low swing speed analysis ranking 8 on Driver and 5 on 7-Iron. It didn't fair very well on the wedge, ranking 23, but the wedge analysis is really the most suspect in general, imo.
  13. I think that's a good choice. Vice Pro and Vice Pro Soft both seem very impressive. Very interesting video too. I noticed they showed almost nothing about how the cover is formed, applied, and "dimpled". Maybe that's a process they'd like to keep a little more under wraps. It would make for a great episode of "How It's Made".
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