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  1. Would you categorize more in the high swing speed, low swing speed, or middle? The AVX performed well in the low swing speed analysis ranking 8 on Driver and 5 on 7-Iron. It didn't fair very well on the wedge, ranking 23, but the wedge analysis is really the most suspect in general, imo.
  2. I think that's a good choice. Vice Pro and Vice Pro Soft both seem very impressive. Very interesting video too. I noticed they showed almost nothing about how the cover is formed, applied, and "dimpled". Maybe that's a process they'd like to keep a little more under wraps. It would make for a great episode of "How It's Made".
  3. Good questions! Right now, she really doesn't want anything else. Golf is very basic for her at this point and having to choose between too many clubs (and learning to hit too many clubs) confuses her. I'm struggling a bit too with having a good understanding of her distances. She may get ahold of a drive sometimes and hit it over 200 yards, but she probably hits the driver maybe 160-180 on average. The 3 wood (16*) is probably 140-160, MW 21* might be 120-140, MW 25* might be 100-120, MW 29* might be 80-100, MW 33* might be 60-80. Her PW is probably good for anything inside of 40-50. S
  4. I wanted to update this thread since the Moon Woods FINALLY came in (wow USPS - only took 1 month! /sarcasm) ... In a few words ... ALL HAIL THE MOON WOOD! These things are legit. My wife is hitting them wayyyy better than any iron options or even hybrid options we've tried (and we've tried several), and I don't think there could be a better option out there for her. There are 4 clubs - 21*, 25*, 29*, and 33* - this provides a very nice gapping for her. She's getting nice height on the ball with those 2 highest lofted ones, which is what she's been missing. She's able to take mor
  5. I have redone the data analysis with the "Slow" swing speed data. Here are the results: Driver Rankings: V1X, BX, vice pro, BXS, V1, BRX, cutblue, avx, TP5, ONCore Elxr, mxfli tr x, vice pro soft, Mxfli tr, chrsftx, TP5X, cutgrey, BRXS, mtbx, Z*15, vice pro plus, ERC Soft, Z*, chrsft, Inesis 900, mtbb 7-Iron Rankings: chrsft, BRXS, ERC Soft, vice pro, avx, V1, vice pro soft, cutblue, V1X, Inesis 900 (Tie), chrsftx (Tie), ONCore Elxr, BRX, TP5 (Tie), BX (Tie), Z*15, mtbx, vice pro plus, cutgrey, Mxfli tr, TP5X, mtbb, BXS, Z*, mxfli tr x Wedge Rankings: TP5, BX, Mxfli tr, chrsft, vi
  6. One pretty big thing that is easy to dismiss/take for granted, which Rick pointed out, is that the newer ball is much more durable than the older ball while also being the slightest bit better in numbers. Even if the numbers were exactly the same, to have a ball with the same performance that is 10X more durable is no small feat. Point being, QC, as you stated, along with durability may be distinguishing characteristics to consider with the plethora of premium balls in the market now.
  7. Something else I was thinking is that if a ball has some issue that makes it fly weird or inconsistently or whatever ... just physically, from the nature of the spherical shape, in order for that to equate into a "right bias", it would have to be teed up in a certain orientation each time. If it had some concentricity issue or dimple issue or something leading to a horizontal flight abnormality, then that horizontal flight abnormality should work both ways depending on where that issue was located in relation to the spin axis of the ball - which would all change if the ball had a different or
  8. I don't understand. I have a Z-Score for Shot Area as well, which is part of the formula. And, when you're dealing with Z-Scores, everything is in the same units. The units would be "Standard Deviations above/below the Mean". Overall Driver Score for Ball X = Z-Distance - Z-Offline - Z-Area. Same for 7-Iron Score. Wedge Score replaces Distance with Backspin. So, if Ball X (for a driver) has a mean distance that is 2 standard deviations above the mean of mean distances of all balls, and a mean offline-distance that is 2 standard deviations below the mean of mean offline-distances o
  9. One red flag for me is that Matt at TXG (nor Ian) doesn't actually game this shaft. He and Ian have access to any shaft they want, any time they want, and can test them ad infinitum. And neither of them game that shaft. Gotta ask "WHY?"
  10. You're right about the average "offline" stat being possibly flawed, IF the balls flew with "balanced"-inconsistency. But, I would think that if the ball had a nice "offline" stat due to some flying more right and others flying more left, then that same ball would also have a significantly higher "shot area" stat, which would then negatively affect its overall score in the analysis. Without a doubt, this analysis is not perfect. But, I have certainly found it interesting, and I do believe that, if nothing else, I have learned that I was playing the wrong ball. I feel pretty confident
  11. I THINK I understand where you and @BMart519are coming from now with your explanation. However, I don't think what I'm doing with the Z-Scores for distance and offline is going to be able to determine anything about the width or depth of the oval (ie shape of the shot area). I'm not using the actual standard deviation for the ball itself anywhere in the formulas (the standard deviations for the individual balls isn't given anywhere in the MGS data, as far as I can tell/remember). I'm using the standard deviation for the entire set of balls. So, it's like this: Distance Z-Score for Bal
  12. I just fixed the Rankings in post 13 to show ties (something I was careless to not notice before).
  13. Can you explain again why you think Shot Area should be removed? Maybe you did and I just didn't understand it. Shot area seems like something I should care about for driver and 7-iron shots ... for consistency and control.
  14. Good choice. At this point, I'm also looking toward the TP5, Vice Pro Soft (or Vice Pro) and Cut Blue (with no V1x available in this scenario). Tour B XS is also a nice ball.
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