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  1. I have decided, since I know I'm not going to over-power any golf course, to really improve my scores I would make the short game my absolute strength. With that in mind, I am experimenting with 5 wedges. (so far, so good). I have a stock Mizuno Hot Metal PW (44 ), a GW (49 ), a Vokey 56 SM8, a Vokey 60 SM7 and just added a Cleveland Full Face 64 to help deal with tight pin positions and elevated greens. There is some over-lap but that's ok as it allows me to play most shots several different ways depending on pin position, lie (tight, wet, rough, etc), green undulations, rollout desired, wind, etc. After reading Dave Pelz's short game bible, his emphasis is on carry distance control with the wedges as you will not be that far off on alignment. I am learning to carry short distances with several different trajectories with my wedges depending on shot required. After about 3 weeks of practice, I now am getting 50+% of shots from 40 yards in within the 1 putt zone of 5 feet or less (75+% chance of making putt). My confidence is soaring! I used to settle on shots that were 10+- ft. away as being satisfactory.(20% chance of making putt). Not now. It's a fair amount of work, but very satisfying to get up and down after a missed green or even hole it out! It really irks your opponents!
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