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  1. I am constantly testing balls and have not yet tried the Maxfli. Would love to try!
  2. Very interested in this generation of Epic. My Epic Flash has been one of my best ever (love it!) and curious to see what improvements have been made. Holding my breath!!!
  3. BillTheThrill Pinehurst, NC Current Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Handicap: 5.3 Swing Speed: 88 I would love to Review the Titleist TSi Driver
  4. I am a wedge nut. I love to study the nuances of wedges and test their performance as I own 12 wedges. Never have tried Zipcore and would love to test.
  5. BillTheThrill from Pinehurst Every winter when it's warm enough, I practice on the Pinehurst #2 putting green. It's inconvenient and very haphazard due to weather. I have never owned a putting mat as my impression is they are not very good or putt like a real good green. Since I play fast greens , I would definitely prefer the fast birdieball putting mat and hope I have the opportunity to try it out.
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