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  1. Was fitted for the TSI3 at Club Champion in late April. Was told 4-5 weeks, issues with the manufacturers of both the club and shafts. Just got notified that delivery will be 6/9/21. Have had many friends fitted for full sets and the wait is at least that long. Supply chains are a mess as is the manufacturing process. Hard to get raw materials etc.
  2. I have to say, my experience with Club Champion has been spectacular. I was skeptical about getting a putter fitting but have it a try. I spent almost 2 hours at the process. Well past what I was paying fir. My fitter gave me a clear understanding of what the prices was, how the tech and data worked and set expectations for the fitting. First we tried my Scotty Cameron Newport 2. I gave my own feedback about what i was seeing on the course. After a number of putts, it became evident that after years of use, the specs on the putter were way off. Who knew leaning on it had so much affect.
  3. Great discussion on both the settings and effect of making loft and lie changes to woods.
  4. Am in the market for an indoor putting mat. Just got fitted for a new putter so need a way to practice off the course, especially as green conditions here on Cape Cod get a bit worse at the end of the season. Also just cleaned out a space in my basement office for one.
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