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  1. I got lucky, a guy bought the set, used them once and pulled the heads...so basically brand new, I fitted with black KBS customs. I will probably stay on the lookout for some black PTx Pro heads and do them with a nice black graphite shaft...these irons will last forever.
  2. If you have a foam roller and a lacrosse ball or baseball you can do a lot of soft tissue mobilization. Joe Defranco has his agile 8 and agile 13 available for free on YouTube that is a lot of core and posterior chain work. Sometimes hamstring tightness is a compensatory thing from issues in the psoas and IT Band...work them all out and be diligent about the soft tissue release.
  3. They are visually a great iron, they play like a blade should play, when striking it crisp they are true to yardage. Probably should have gone with the PTs, but I like to customize my irons and at 325 for new heads I couldn’t pass those up.
  4. GS 30 D/3 wood Ft Worth 15s with KBS tour Custom Black Equalizer Black Wedges Odyssey Milled Putter
  5. Right now Hogan from D to 58 with an Odyssey Putter. I just like the classic look of Hogan products. Having different brands in the bag makes my type 1 personality go bonkers.
  6. Just got the staff bag, it’s great for the price point and against my murdered out set it looks awesome.
  7. McTeigue’s Putting Book Dave Pelz Short Game Bible Dave Pelz Putting Bible
  8. The price point on the plus at 2k is definitely better than the sky trak. I am tempted now, shipping is 14 weeks, so it’s definitely something to plan for in the fall.
  9. I have the 50/54/58...I played Vokeys before this that I had for about 8 years. Dead hands shots I like better with the Hogan’s because of the weight. Not as comfortable yet with the super fine touch flops and down hill 58 degree shots. The look and overall feel turned me into a Hogan fan. Have since got D/3 wood and Ft Worth 15s...they make a darn good product.
  10. Fancy little half circle gizmo I grabbed at Dick’s...black line over the small logo.
  11. Got the driver and 3 wood, x flex in smoke black shaft...easy to hit, appearance at address reminds me of my old Cleveland launcher which was the best driver I’ve ever played.
  12. All the time, par 5s, short par 4s or days where the snap hooks with the driver are making me bat s*** crazy.
  13. I will, have a set of KBS Tour customs on their way and leaning towards a white or red grip to set them off...they will be almost too nice to hit, almost
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