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  1. This contest is only available and valid in the US
  2. Been a user of rangefinder. it's pretty accurate unless of course you have aimed in the wrong spot. If it does give readings which your hunch thinks it's weird and incorrect, re-set and re-focus. Out of focus or when cross hair hits other than your main target, will give you a questionable readings. Haven't used GPS so I can not comment on this.
  3. I'm in the 51 - 60 group but still hit it, distance wise, as if I still belong in 31 - 40 hehehe
  4. during the 1st level of training I followed all dynamic warm up religiously which is actually good to loosen up and also to prevent any injuries. nowadays, I still do some dynamic warm -ups but not all of them. But I always ensure I do stretching exercises before I train.
  5. I posted this 4 weeks ago in reply to the email / invite I received from MGS . Reposting this with minor changes as it is now 10 weeks since then Hi I purchased mine 10 weeks ago and I am now into my second level of training. The first time I swung it I registered a 105 mph – that was an evening after a few rounds of beers and I told myself I could swing it a bit higher without alcohol in my system. True enough in the morning when I officially started my training I recorded a 110mph which I used as my baseline for comparing gains to be achieved. In the course of this training I recorded 120mph, 121mph, 122mph and a high of 123mph. These readings were first achieved on my third /fourth week. All these are saved and validated in my Instagram account. In short these sticks really work but like in any undertakings you have to follow the instructions and guidelines and train religiously to achieve success. Remember though, to avoid dissatisfaction, your swing speed gains in your training, unless you are a tour pro, might not exactly transfer to your driver. The simple explanation to this, is physics and aerodynamics – the head of the driver. However in irons it will be evident. One thing for sure you will definitely increase your swing speed. By the way, I’m 54 with a 7.9 handicap
  6. Hi everyone, Name is Edgar. I'm originally from Manila but I am now based in Hongkong and considered my home for more than two decades. Have been playing golf since 2000 and currently holding a 7.5 handicap. Cheers
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