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  1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Played some when I was young. Worked at a course and played a lot between 1995 and 2005. Bad knees led to my not playing much between 2007 and 2017. Started playing a lot (2 or 3 rounds a week) in 2018. Currently a 19.8. Hope to be down to 16 by the end of the year. What do you love about golf? I enjoy being active, along with the challenge that golf requires. I typically walk early mornings at Hales during the week. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I'm kind of an equipment geek, so I've ended up on MyGolfSpy numerous times going research and checking the for sale forums. Where are you from? What is your home course? I live in Mt Washington Valley, NH. I belong to a nice 9 hole course called Hales Location. I typically play at North Conway CC at least once a week and play the Donald Ross course at the Mt Washington Hotel on Sunday afternoons. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Great courses, no winter golf. What do you do for a living? Self employed in the custom ski apparel business. I import two lines of custom skiwear from Italy that I sell to teams and clubs in North America. How’d you pick your user name? it's my name...
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