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  1. I had told myself that I was going to buy some putting devices for quarantine but ended up being too busy to putt If chosen I'll be able to grind in the home office towards better putting. Good luck y'all
  2. I enjoyed my first putter fitting but haven't been able to practice during Covid. I hope that if picked it will give me the spark to go out and really grind away. Good luck y'all
  3. Connor Delaney | NY | Albany 2-3x per week for about 20-45m depending on available time. About 2 three-putts per round. I like the idea of using the green reading to effectively get the putt started on line. We only hit the ball (hopefully) straight and then the slope takes it the rest of the way. So, the visual of this mechanic working with a TV screen is very interesting. Also looking to get some more practice in while working from home.
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