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  1. Looking for blade/players iron sets with stiff shafts or Ventus Velocore 6X TM Tip driver shaft + $$$ depending. 

    Custom Brandon Matthews putter, 350g Stainless Steel with matte black finish/sky blue paintfill.
    Standard L/L, 35”. BM stitchback grip and leather magnetic head-cover. 
    BM logo on the heel, star on the extreme toe, NMFTT on the sole, milled bumpers, flange site line.
    Pics show as much detail as I can. If you want more, just ask. The sole looks weird because I had lead tape on it for one round.
    I know I won’t get what I paid for it($1000), asking $750 shipped CONUS if selling









  2. On 11/11/2020 at 3:59 AM, yungkory said:

    It's interesting that they sent you guys full-spectrum CBD and that, seemingly, more of you leaned towards the tincture being the most impactful. I kinda stayed away from posting my thoughts in this thread because you can find them in the other, much older, threads about pain management and CBD. Before I continue, just know that I am pro-cbd/mmj:

    I didn't want to "muddy" the waters with my personal beliefs until this test was finished, just so that there was absolutely no way that I could create a bias -- not claiming to be some type of influencer, but who knows what kind of placebo effect any of our comments can cause.

    Couple of questions for you folks:

    1. Full-spectrum CBD is said to have trace amounts of THC in it because it isn't as filtered. Was any of that communicated to you? Not trying to stir the pot, I'm just generally curious if it's true that full-spectrum CBD can contain trace amounts of THC.
      1. (1a). Do you think this is why most of you felt like the tincture did more than the other products (gummies)? THC interacts with different parts of the endocannabinoid system (receptors) than CBD so I'm wondering if that's why it seemed like you all reacted more positively towards the tincture.
    2. Did any of you try to half-chew the gummies and leave them under your tongue to better-absorb the CBD that way? Not sure if that was communicated to you either, but it's something that I've been told to do with my gummies, and I'm just kinda trying to see if that's all BS.
    3. I noticed that a section of the review asked you to evaluate the effectiveness on pain relief. Do any of you suffer from any type of frequent/chronic inflammatory pain, and has it worked well enough for you to stop using something like Advil? Asking because for me, it did, and I guess I want validation that it's not just a placebo effect, haha. I used to get bad knots in my shoulder/kneck prior to CBD gummies, and as I've said before, it has been great on my stomach where Advil used to upset it regularly.

    1. it wasn't directly communicated no, but I did a lot of sifting through the website looking for information about the product and saw that it does include a trace amount.

    1a. I think it was because it was a direct route sublingually, and liquid. While the gummies have to be absorbed through the GI, I would think the gastric acid would deplete some of the medicinal affects of it.

    2. I didn't try that but I have a few left and will do that to see what happens.

    3. I have chronic hand/finger pain r/t grappling for over 10 years and my hands didn't hurt *as much* as normal. I wasn't taking aleeve when I was taking the CBD, so I would assume the Kanibi was helping.

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  3. On 9/29/2020 at 2:57 PM, TxTwinDad+2 said:

    So we took a quick trip this weekend and I woke up yesterday with some tightness in my neck drove him super annoyed by it. When I got home I decided to take a edible to see if it helped in response to your inquiry,  and to my surprise it did took another before bed and slept pain or issue free. There is still a little tension this morning but not enough to warrant another edible which i'll take considering it was uncomfortable to even look when changing lanes yesterday. 

    I just want to clarify, are we talking edibles as in the normal edibles with flower in them, or are you calling the gummies edibles? 

  4. 8 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    Curious if the cream is just the same as Bengay, Aspercreme, etc and is just a skin irritant? IcyHot and these other products don’t actually get any “medication” of any kind THROUGH the skin to muscles and joints. They just aggravate the skin, which cause irritation, then “heat” from the skin’s reaction to the irritant. There’s nothing actually getting through the skin to reduce swelling, provide analgesia, etc.

    I'm not sure of the science behind their ESC, but yes I think it's just the same as those or at least it feels the exact same. I also can't vouch for the CBD that's added into the ESC because I can't physically notice a difference between the effect of the ESC and the ones you listed.

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  5. 10 hours ago, csamsh said:

    Everything goes left???  What's your swingweight?  Got any lead tape?

    I've no idea on what the swing weight is tbh, I don't have a way to measure that I don't think.

    I don't know exactly where to put the lead tape as I've read conflicting things about where to put it. Is it high, is it low, is on the bottom, to the heel, etc.

  6. 1 hour ago, cnosil said:

    Based on you desire to have a 15 yard wide dispersion pattern, your expectations may be a bit high.   Watched a course management video where a PGA pro hit 7 irons standing in the same spot and had a distribution about 30 yard wide.  They have a dispersion of about 60 yards for driver.  We all hit balls left and right of the target and can hit any one of those shots at any time.   

    Not saying you don't need new shafts.  Based on your post of being fit for 130g dynamic golds,  I would also say steelfiber would be a good option to research.  

    I think my width gauge is a bit skewed, I'm sure what looks like 15 yards to me is actually quite a bit more and what I think is 20-30 is vastly greater lol.

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  7. 2 hours ago, chisag said:

    ... Steelfiber shafts are available in 125gms as well so very similar in performance and weight compared to DGS300's. There are just so many great heavier graphite iron shaft options out there right now. Good luck in your search. 

    I'm gonna search for a single just to put in a head and play around with.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... Which Recoil shafts are you playing? F4 is the flex but I am guessing you are playing the 780's. At 105-115 swing speed, 3.5* of torque is a lot if you also swing your irons corespondingly as fast as your driver. Torque is not an end all be all number these days as it is measured differently by different OEM's and does not always take design into account, like a stiffer butt or mid section combined with a softer tip that can play stiffer than the torque would indicate. But it is at least a good general guideline with iron shafts. And 86gms is very light for your swing speed. I am more in the 100 mph or slightly less and I cannot hit 85gm shafts in my irons as I lose my tempo and dispersion suffers. 95gm' is as low as I can go and the KK Tini 105's seem to be perfect for my tempo, distance and dispersion. I also play Recoil 110 in my wedges.

    ... There are different ways to swing fast and if you have a very deliberate and smooth tempo you might be able to get away with F4 in Recoil but F5's would seem to be a better fit, at least on paper.  If you love the feel of Recoils, I would recommend demoing the 110's in F5. Recoil Prototypes would be an excellent choice but they are very expensive. And at your swing speed you may want to demo the Steelfiber 110's in stiff flex which plays more like an x flex when compared to other graphite offerings. I am a huge believer in graphite iron shafts as they are better in every way to a comparable steel shaft. Not saying steel is a bad choice but comparing apples to apples for similar performance, the graphite will have better feel and is easier on your body. 

    ... These are just blind suggestions to demo but I think they are a good place to start. Obviously going to a qualified fitter will answer your questions much better than my educated guesses. 

    Yes sorry, they are the 780's. I do see a lot of love for the steelfibers but I thought they were a lighter shaft as well.

    Thanks for the information! I'll see if there are any fitters around here that have them.

    I was fit in December of 2019 and put in DGS300's but that was before I started lessons this year and my swing wasn't the best and my flight was erratic.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Chip Strokes said:

    asking your coach for a few suggestions seems like a great place to start then. he has a better feel than anyone for how you load the shaft and what profiles are going to work best for your swing. 

    not saying everyone here doesn’t want to help - they do and they’ll make great suggestions - but without seeing your swing and having that feedback they’re just educated guesses. 

    Fair point. We spend more time on the driver as that's the bain of my golf existence, and made a change on shaft and he put me in a 70 X Flex shaft, that's why I was curious about the lightness of the iron shafts and if that is why I was having a larger dispersion pattern.

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  10. 16 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    I like KBS Tours with swing speed in the middle of your; however,  someone else will like Project X, and someone else will like Nippon.  Lots of good shaft with lots of different profiles.   The profile is important as it works with how you actually swing and load/unload the shaft.  

    What is your dispersion width/depth width with say your 7 iron and what do you expect it to be?


    I don't really know what a realistic idea of dispersion is, I mean I have an idea that I would like to have a consistent 10-15 yard width window from start line. I don't know if that's realistic or if I'm overestimating my idea. Like If I'm aiming five yards right of the pin I would like to be able to stay within 10 yards left, consistently if I overcook it a tad, instead of going 20-30 yards left. I don't know if the shafts I'm playing are too light or not stiff enough, if it it's just general mechanics.

    I already take lessons and have made improvements to my swing in general movement, mechanics, and repeatability.

  11. I'm currently playing Recoil F4's with smacwrap, looking at changing the shafts in my irons. While I like the shafts and how they feel, I have no consistency in how my shot plays in relation to how much it draws. My draw is either a nice "normal" to baby draw, or its a power draw and goes offline by quite a bit while not being as drastic as a hook.

    My driver speed is 105-115mph depending on how much I get after it (anywhere from a 250-270 carry using a GC2/Quad for measurement), 7 iron is 170-180 yards. I believe I have an average tempo

    What say you MGS? Recommend me a shaft to play with? Do I need a heavier shaft? Stiffer profile?


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