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  1. I wondered how long it would take them to get into a store. You could tell with as much as they were marketing that they wanted to be in a store to be "legit" like the big named brands. I can't remember a quality concern when I played a few dozen a couple of years back. Cut golf though, different story. Not that great of quality with even worse customer service.
  2. Correct. The GOAT Drew Brees is not an 8.
  3. What do you all do with your gloves when they're done? I go through gloves rather quickly. Either I wear the palm out, I wear the thumb out, or both. I feel bad just throwing them away but I'm not sure they can be re-purposed?
  4. None of them were listed as playing the 790's, who knows though. I just figured he would play the clubs they noted him as playing.
  5. I've been following and doing some of the drill that the putting engineer has posted on Instagram, stroke is better with the new putter and I'm averaging 1.8 putts. Not the best but its coming down.
  6. I can't find a bag that I am 100% set on. I just got a C130 and it's nice but I'm not sure I like it. I had a SM 4.5LS 14 way and I liked it but the dividers ripped. I tried a 6 way mizuno pro stand bag and I liked it but the club tangle was a mfer to deal with, even with minimal clubs in each spot. I tried the hoofer in store and didn't like the legs and how much force I had to use to get it to open.
  7. I've been putting more lately if i'm within three feet of the green. Chipping hasn't been working too well
  8. Do you think a PVC pipe style of cage would be sturdy enough to not blow over without the use of tie downs like that?
  9. Early morning for me. Greens are freshly rolled, that crisp morning air, perfect.
  10. Used. 4-GW, DG S300 shafts, Golf Pride grips. Standard L/L/L - PW shows the most wear but looks worse in the photo- $650 shipped in US SOLD Can pull the shafts if you’re interested in heads only.
  11. beelzeberto


    Over the ball for me, looking at a dimple at the edge of the ball closest to my putter. After you set up to the ball, do you all look at the cup again? I read the line from the cup back to my putter to make sure it's what I want after I set up.
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