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  1. Honestly I think I should be lower than that because I miss some easy putts that in practice I don't miss. Still building up the mental fortitude to putt well when the scores count.
  2. Brandon Matthew Website My review of the No 2 from Brandon Matthew Putters/experience with BMP. I first heard about Brandon Matthews on a different forum and went to his instagram (click me to go) to see what he was about. I liked what I saw and went to the website to check on ordering a custom (Custom Order Form) The initial process was fairly easy for the most part. You go to the website, click on the custom order tab which takes you to a description of all of the options you can choose along with a drop down menu of what you want. You then fill in some boxes and give a brief description of what you want, download and fill out a template to submit back to the website. Brandon initially got back to me within a day as I gave him two options. We exchanged another email, I settled on a design ala Hideki Matsuyama, I got my invoice and paid on 03/24/20. Off to the races we go! I went with a No2 trisole in a satin mist finish, welded plumbers neck, standard loft and lie, 34”, 345g, with a black shaft and grip, and a more softened look on the lines. Minimal stamping with one black dot on the heel of the face with a bear on the inside, one black dot in the cavity, my initials separated by a lightning bolt, "NOT MADE FOR THE TOUR" on the sole, and a site dot. I emailed a couple of times after I ordered and got no response, so I messaged his IG on 04/03/20 and got a reply back in 45 mins. So if you’re looking for answers quickly, it is in your best interest to hit up his DM’s on IG. I don’t know why I didn’t do this originally. Derrp. With his reply on 04/03 he stated turnaround time is generally two weeks from order to completion. Awesome, I ordered on 03/24 so it shouldn't be that long. I didn't hear anything after that message, and once I saw he posted a teaser of the sole of my putter on IG on 04/08, I messaged him asking for any progress pics he had (I knew it was my sole because how many people have "not made for the tour" anywhere on their putter). He replied back that he was wrapping up the finish that day and would shoot me some pics. I thought to myself "self, that was a quick turnaround time". I messaged on 04/10/20 politely asking for some progress pics with the response being it should by wrapped up and paint filled that day and he would take pics after. We confirmed finalized paint colors right after that. 04/13 he sent me a picture of the face with my initials stamped and said he just had to add the branding to the toe for me and it would be out the door and on it's way to me. 04/15 he sent me a picture of his branding on the toe and said he was wrapping it up that day and should ship by the end of that day, west coast time. I asked for finalized pics and he responded back with once the paint cures he would send me some pics. 04/17 he messaged saying he forgot to send me the pics and also to tell me that he didn’t have the matte black shaft I ordered, that he was out of them and the distributor wouldn’t have them in stock until 04/30. He shafted it with a regular shaft and offered to send me a black shaft in two weeks with his hands being tied to the Covid-19 shutdown. Full pics were then sent of the putter with that message. I said don’t worry about the shaft just refund the difference or get me expedited shipping, he said he would look at the cost of faster shipping and then get back to me. Putter shipped Saturday 04/18/20. Putter received Tuesday 04/21/20. I was stoked to get the putter only to open the box and immediately notice some issues with the putter. First things first though. The good things about the putter were the welds were tight and looked awesome, the finish was solid minus a sole blemish that I'll get into, the stamping had character to it, and the milling was fantastic (not too deep, not too light). I'm not a fan of a perfectly stamped putter. There has to be some character to the stamps. Besides what you're telling them to stamp, that character is what makes it truly yours and a custom. At least in my opinion. Now for the not so good things. There was goop or adhesive left over from install all up and down the shaft, along with staining on the grip with said adhesive, tape/adhesive sticking out from the grip as well as the grip not being centered/properly aligned. There was also a stain on the sole from where something bled onto it during the shipping process. It took me a second to gather my thoughts after the initial disappointment, take pics, then shoot Brandon a polite message about the issues. I realize things like these happen with newer companies so I didn’t want to be a complete knobber about it and go off the rails about everything. He was highly apologetic for what happened and offered to have the putter shipped back to him at his cost to have everything fixed and then expedite shipping back to me. Said it would take two days to get to him, a day for him to fix and then another two days back. As I had already waited this long for the putter I declined and thanked him for his offer. He stated that the guys who he uses for install of grip and shaft are usually top notch, so he wasn’t sure what happened this time. Brandon also said that I was the second person to have that drip stain on their putter and he figured it had to be the new lubricant he was using. We exchanged a couple more messages about the issue and that was that. While it was a bummer that these things happened, the grip was immediately changed because I didn't like it, and the shaft cleaned up easy with goo gone and an x-acto knife for the remaining tape. Eventually the stain on the sole came out with some elbow grease. While I shouldn't have had to do this, it was an easy fix. The putter cost $500 to have made and was over the two week quoted time frame he gave. The two week extra wait wasn't that bad but the repeated messages of "it'll be finished today" or "I'll have you pics soon" was the worst part. His communication isn’t the best and was rather poor considering the communication that other putter makers have and who deal in higher volumes and have a more solid reputation in the industry amongst gear hoes like myself. BUT, I haven’t seen another person with any issues from Brandon so I guess I was the outlier, which once again is expected with most companies. You can’t knock all of them out of the park. It sucks that it was me, but given my history of reviewing products in another sport I'm typically pretty level headed in these types of situations and I handle them better than most. His customer service was appropriate for the situation and there was no flaw in the actual important parts of the product. I thought about getting another putter done by him as he released the No 3 which is like a Tyson Lamb Camden/Olson MFG Retro/Cameron #1 shape, but decided not to and will try out another putter maker when the time is right. I’ve rolled putts with the No 2 for five days a week since I received it on the 21st of April. I've putted outside at the course and on a practice putting mat indoors. I would say there have been at least 100 putts a day on this putter, you do the math with how many strokes that is because I'm terrible at math. The Brandon Matthew No 2 rolls the ball true and has a fantastic muted sound when you hit the sweet spot, and a louder brash click when you don’t so the feedback is phenominal with this putter. It feels better off the face than an OTR SC (and I've owned quite a few). All in all I’m glad I purchased the putter even with the issues I had regarding poor communication and the cosmetic blemishes. It's been a solid putter and has become a trusty piece of equipment for me. Do some more research on your own, check out his IG, ask other people who have a putter from him and see if it’s what you dig or want to take a chance on. He specializes in lefty putters so if you’re heavy left handed and candid, I would say he’s your guy. I know that was a long read but hope you enjoyed my review of the experience I had with Brandon Matthew Putters. NOW ON WITH THE PICS Pics of blemishes on the putter
  3. What's spare time? amirite? Outside of golf, what do you do? Collect stamps? Run? Assemble model cars? Film buffs? I've trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts for the past 11 years and still teach it today. Photography/video for the past 8 years (concerts, nature, street, and ran a successful BJJ review site), and now I've golfed for the past 6 years I think. What say you MGS? Hobbies, do you speak it?
  4. Hows the sound? Clicky or muted? Maybe both?
  5. I play anywhere from 2-4 rounds a week with 1-2 times of range work as well and my gloves last maybe a month before the palm or thumb wears a hole. Typically the palm shreds and I'll keep using it until the thumb is worn. Rinse, repeat.
  6. I used to play a single green dot on the top right corner of the number on the ball, until a guy I play with switched his color from blue to green. Now I just play TP5X practice balls. No one around here plays with practice balls. So I guess I mark my balls with a big ole PRACTICE now
  7. I PLAY EM TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF! Basically until I lose it. If i use it the whole round then it goes back in the bag until I eventually lose it.
  8. I wondered how long it would take them to get into a store. You could tell with as much as they were marketing that they wanted to be in a store to be "legit" like the big named brands. I can't remember a quality concern when I played a few dozen a couple of years back. Cut golf though, different story. Not that great of quality with even worse customer service.
  9. Correct. The GOAT Drew Brees is not an 8.
  10. What do you all do with your gloves when they're done? I go through gloves rather quickly. Either I wear the palm out, I wear the thumb out, or both. I feel bad just throwing them away but I'm not sure they can be re-purposed?
  11. Handicap and Location - 13ish Bentonville Ar Social Media Accounts - beelzeberto Expected rounds in an 8-week span - At least 8 Current OEMs in your bag - TM across the board Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge Speedzone Xtreme 10.5 Speedzone 3W & Hybrid Forged Tec Irons (4-PW) KING MIM wedges ( 50, 54, 58)
  12. None of them were listed as playing the 790's, who knows though. I just figured he would play the clubs they noted him as playing.
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