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  1. Location and Age - Bentonville, AR - 34 y/o Current Driver SS - 105-115 Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average - above average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through - tell me what to do and when to do it
  2. Break 80, then do it consistently. Find a comfortable distance to the green and not use my driver as much when I don’t have to, more short game work.
  3. I would either chip it towards the palm or attempt a flop shot if I’m feeling froggy.
  4. +3 on the front with two birdies, and +12 on the back with one birdie.
  5. Always a good reminder. I know it's not "legal" but I always take a practice swing beside the ball, then step up to the ball and go.
  6. I know fitness and swing has a lot to do with it, but what about the club? Most use a 5 or 6* head yes?
  7. We know the major players in the putter making game are, so who are the smaller or up and coming ones that have caught your eye? I like Logan Olson, he's doing some fantastic looking putters. Mackmade is doing some cool stuff as well.
  8. I teach boxing and brazilian Jiu-jitsu so I'm in the gym a lot, i really can't promote kettlebell workouts enough. They're fantastic for core work, cardio, strength, etc. Keith Webbers Extreme Kettlebell is a good program. So is Pavels simple and sinister.
  9. I like spiked more (adidas 360), they give each more traction. Even in dry weather I prefer them.
  10. That doesn't look that bad actually, nice job
  11. Yeah it's weird. I can putt fairly well with a lot of putters but that one just didn't work for me.
  12. Arkansas is wiiiiiiiide open. Not a whole lot of people out due to the weather but I'm still playing.
  13. I play the 919Forged and I hit the taylormade P790's the other day, IMO they felt like butter and better than the Mizunos. Sacrilege, I know.
  14. I walked 18 yesterday (6000 yard course) just shy of two hours because no one was in front of me. With a cart due to winter rules it would've been the same probably. Had it not been cart path only i would've been done even quicker. That being said, I prefer walking.
  15. Unfortunately mate, I was born in Texas and lived there until I was 10 lol. Texas blood and roots, just lived here most of my life.
  16. TM M2 for me. When this thing wears out I'll buy another one. I haven't hit another one as consistent or as far.
  17. I think I did when I was getting fit for these. We went through so many clubs I can't remember them all.
  18. Taylormade M5 has done me solid, but I got it with the Hzrdus smoke green shaft for $250 I believe. Lots of combinations of them out there to fit your profile.
  19. I used a HB putter for about a month, for me it was inconsistent with distance control no matter how clean of a stroke I put on it.
  20. Driver - TM M5 9* - Hzrdus smoke green 3 Wood - TM M2 - Rogue 2 Rescue - TM Rescue 4-AW - Mizuno JPX 919F 54/60 - TM MG Putter - Scotty Cameron but about to receive a custom Brandon Matthews putter
  21. 7 iron is my most confident club, under pressure (depending on the situation) I would say my worst is the driver.
  22. I use a TM 16* 2 rescue that I can work really easy. It's gotten me out of some really tough spots. I don't feel like I could do the same with a 2 iron.
  23. Morning ladies and germs. I've been playing golf for around 6 years now with the last year practicing more to get better. Was shooting in the 100's, then moved to the 90's last year, this year I'm currently shooting low to mid 80's. Golf is fun for the most part, I just like being outside. It's another forum to chat about, not sure if I know anyone here yet. Bentonville, Ar with the home course being Lost Springs GAC in Rogers. Best things about it are the number of courses around the NorthWest Arkansas area of varying difficulties and price ranges. Worst things would be the private clubs I can't afford to be a member at LOL. I work in the medical field, username was something that I was called as a teenager.
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