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  1. I set this product up on carpet, then on tile floor. It actually performed better on carpet. When stretched out on tile the grout lines caused bumps in the roll; the mat is pretty thin. From the get go I wasn't too enthusiastic about this product. The ramp is the detractor. In order to put a 3' putt in the hole you have to hit it about as hard as you would a 6' putt. If you're working on speed, getting the ball to die into the hole or pass the hole by 18" this isn't the product for you. It's going to train you to hit putts too hard. If you're working on getting the proper line and stroke on straight putts, this is an OK choice. The mat has some markings that assist with alignment and distance. It took some time for the surface to actually lay flat once I took it out of the box. The sides tend to rib a little, but the middle of the mat has a pretty good surface. Pros: * 12" wide. If a hallway is your practice space this mat is thin enough to fit and still leave you room to stand to the side. *Ball return works every time. *Easy storage and light weight. *Price. $49. All other mats with ramps and ball returns are at least $10 more. Cons: *Mat is thin, plastic ramp is thin. It makes sense to roll up the mat for storage but when unrolled is tends to curl. *The ramp. I can't find a reason to want a ramp at the last 12" of a putt, besides aiding the ball return. *The ball return ramp is 3 pieces, including the mat it's a 4 piece set.
  2. Driver: Ping G400 SFT 9 degree, Alta R flex shaft. I also have the LST head but prefer the SFT. My miss is a slice and the SFT reduces it when it does happen. Irons: Ping G400 blue dot, 5-P. I like these irons but not head over heels about them. They feel great, sound great, relatively forgiving. Middle of the road price point new. 3 Wood: Cobra King LTD 3-4 Fairway. Adjustable. set to 15.5 degree, draw. My favorite club in the bag. Confident off the tee, fairway or rough. Hybrid 5: Cobra Baffler 5/R 26 degree. Next to the 3 wood this club gives me confidence galore. Wedges: Cleveland RTX 52/10. Ping Glide 54/SS. Cleveland RTX3 56/11. Ping Glide 58/SS. Yes, I carry 4. Putter: Odyssey O-works Tank 7 38" w/ Superstroke mid 2.0 grip
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