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  1. Virginia has some open courses and I believe so does West Virginia. I know guys in Maryland who are members of certain clubs that don't stop members from walking on.
  2. I prefer to walk most of the time. If I'm on vacation with buddies and we are boozing, we'll usually get a cart.
  3. Washington, DC, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, North Carolina, Maryland. I'll probably head over to Virginia & West Virginia soon since they still have courses open.
  4. I recently bought clubs from Callaway Pre-owned and found that their Ebay site offered a price that was $20 less than the extra 30% off price and it has free returns for 30 days rather than 15 days.
  5. Take my advice with a grain of salt since I do not have lot's of experience on the course or years of taking lessons. It does sound like you already have the device that's been most helpful for me. The Zepp Sensor has be an awesome tool for me in evaluating my swing. Their little training and practice swings inside the app, coupled with the sensor's feedback on my swing has been a huge help. My biggest issue has always been tempo, but I never realized how bad it was until I started using the sensor. Since Covid closed the range, I find I can hit foam balls in a field and still get my real swing mechanics to work on. After adjusting my tempo, everything else has been a little less consistent. As I practice with the foam balls I've been dialing in the consistency which will hopefully improve my game. My advice would be to make sure you are taking advantage of everything that little sensor and it's app has to offer. Since the app can't address things like your grip, I also read tidbits in Harvey Penick's Little Red Book before heading out to hit foam balls. I found that since adding the book, I have fewer mishits on balls where the sensor said was a great swing. I believe my grip was the main culprit but I'm still working on things. Not sure if any of that helped, but good luck!
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