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  1. Patrick / Valrico, FL 5.5 Callaway Apex Pro 16
  2. 6 handicap in Tampa, FL Callaway Apex16 - 160 yards I've never heard of the company.
  3. Pat Philpott / Valrico, FL I've utilized Golfshot and Blue Golf I currently utilize a Bushnell Tour V3
  4. Chris, Those are both really nice courses. I got to play them both many years ago. Thanks, Pat
  5. Patrick Valrico, FL I've been practicing multiple times a day since I purchased my Perfect Putting mat. My practice sessions usually last between 10 and 15 minutes. I average 1 three putt per round, but don't 1 putt as often as I should with the number of greens that I miss. The Exputt interests me because I would like to utilize the face angle feature. My main putting fault is taking the putter back inside and then pushing/opening the face during impact. I'm hope the Exputt can assist in removing this dreadful move.
  6. I'll have to look at that one. I've played Wild Horse Golf Club in Gothenburg, NE and it was outstanding.
  7. Is anyone still trying to play the Top 100 public courses? If so, has anyone found any bargains this year? Thanks, Pat
  8. Does anyone know if May River and Daufuskie Island's Haig Point are public access courses? I'm planning on being in the area and was interested in checking one or two of them off of my list.
  9. Brett, Thanks for providing the link to the site. Regards, Pat
  10. Jerry, Is it feasible to get from Edingurgh and play Carnoustie, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, Trump International, Castle Stuart, and Royal Dornoch without renting a car? I notice that the Scottish rail/bus system goes to locations that are very near the course. I'm just not sure whether taking clubs/luggage on the bus/trains is a huge pain in the bum. Your thoughts? Thanks, Pat
  11. Patpott

    Kauai Golf

    I went quite a few years ago and had no problems playing as a single. My wife actually rode around in the cart with me. She got to enjoy all the views and drink a lot of beer. Some of the courses did charge an extra rider fee.
  12. I saw where Circling Raven is keeping their spring rates for the entire year. I was thinking of flying in to take advantage a stay and play package. Does anyone know if Circling Raven/Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort is affiliated with Couer d'Alene Resort? Thanks.
  13. I got up to Michigan for a long weekend and got to play Arcadia Bluffs, Forest Dunes, Kingsley Club, and The Loop. Got rained out at Bay Harbor. The golf is definitely worth the trip. Hopefully, I can back up there to play some more of those great courses.
  14. I've got a group of guys planning on playing some courses on the RTJ Golf Trail in June. We are looking at playing the courses at Grand National and Capitol Hill. Looking to hear whether anyone thinks it would be better to skip one of the 5 courses at these 2 places in order to play Cambrian Ridge. Thanks, Pat
  15. If you are fair skinned and prone to burning, don't shy away from the white-out. I lived in Ohio for 25 years and have always had a dark farmer's tan from playing golf. Now, I live in Florida and been battling skin cancer for the last couple of years (I'm in my mid 50's) and I utilize Neutragena 70 and apply it thick. I've grown very fond of the white-out, sleeves, wide brim hats, and golf pants. It isn't comfortable to wear in the Florida heat, but it's better than the alternatives.
  16. I've been trying to play the top 100 public courses and the 50 states for quite a while. I've played in AL/AZ/CA/CO/CT/FL/GA/HI/IL/IN/KY/MA/MI/MS/NC/NE/NM/NV/NY/OH/OR/RI/SC/TN/VA/WA/WI/WV. I was hoping to knock out AR/LA/MO this year, but COVID is going to make it difficult.
  17. Granted you won't find as many nice courses in proximity of each other as there are in Myrtle Beach, there are quite a few nice courses in the Mississippi/Alabama/Georgia corridor that can be played fairly inexpensively. The RTJ golf trail offers a lot of nice courses to play in Alabama. Birmingham has several nice courses. Mississippi has Dancing Rabbit/Old Waverly. Georgia has Cuscawilla (not cheap), UGA's course, etc, but it will get more expensive down by Savannah.
  18. Very nice review. I hope to make it up there this summer.
  19. Great pictures. The course looks awesome. Seeing #5 brings painful flashbacks into my head.
  20. I agree that if you can continue to practice with the planemate that the speed of the rotation leads to an increase in distance and tighter dispersion. I've tried to utilize a "mental" planemate, but find I lose the sensation of the connection after a couple of rounds.
  21. My ten are: Royal County Down Royal Portrush Bethpage - Black St. Andrews - Old Course St. Andrews - Castle Course Carnoustie Victoria National Pasatiempo Pacific Dunes Spyglass
  22. The toughest for me is Bethpage Black. We played it the year after Tiger won his open there. I tried to play from the U.S. Open plaque tees, but that only lastest for 8 holes. Between walking the hills and dealing with the gnarly rough, it was a long day. The walk up the hill on the 15th so late in the round is just brutal.
  23. I remember playing Thunder Hill quite a bit back in the 80's and it was a treat and a nightmare. You knew you had to be on top of your game or you were going to be in the mid -80's at best.
  24. Grand Cypress has the "New Course" which is supposed to be linksee. The Streamsong courses are firm and fast and gives a linksee feel. Hammock Dunes also has a links course.
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