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  1. Location is Louisville Ky. Hndcp is 10.6 Current iron are Taylormade aeroburner irons. 8 iron distance 130 yards Just heard of this company a couple of months back and checked out there stuff. Looks really nice and at a good price.
  2. Jamey Fontes Lousville Kentucky I have never used a gps watch. I have used an older skycaddie, phone apps swing u and golfshot. Currently i use a laser and also just bought a bushnell wingman that i use for music and its gps feature.
  3. Congrats boys can't wait to see how those big dogs perform!
  4. Location-Lousiville Kentucky Current Bag(s)- Big Taylormade cart bag. Has a built in cooler and plenty of storage. Things you look for most in a cart bag- I look for plenty of storage of have a lot o gear and golf things. Also carry a ton of balls. I would love to test a bag that comes with a cooler. I have a clicgear 3.5 and bought a cooler bag that attaches to the cart and I love it. I would be very detailed and committed to reviewing this bag!
  5. Welcome I'm from Louisville, Ky. Love playing courses in Lexington plus i'm a big wildcats fan
  6. yeah i would say 3-700 bucks maybe just 2 or 3 days
  7. I always enjoy playing with better players if nothing else its fun to watch good golf. I've also learned from playing with better players that you don't have to hit it 280 to play good golf. One of my good friends is probably a 3 hndcp and he only hits it 230-240 off the tee. However he's always down the middle and rarely makes mistakes and has a good short game. It does seem like it raises your game to a different level also. Another big bonus is you don't have to chase everyone else golf ball all over the place. One of my best friends who I play with often is a 15, and he hits it all over the place and i get tired of looking for his ball every hole. You can also learn things to improve your own game by playing with better players.
  8. Where's a great place to take a golf vacation that won't break the bank?
  9. Location and Age- 41 years old. Live in Louisville , Kentucky Current Driver SS- Taylormade m4 10.5 stiff atmos shaft-- Swing speed is about 94mph driver -Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average- average fitness Affirmation that you will see the entire program through- I would love to try this program and i promise I would see the entire program through!
  10. Gonna try one called swing U. They have a special you can get the premium version for 25 instead of 50. It says it gives wind direction and slope adjustment. Looking forward to testing this app out. Ive used golf shot and golf logix and both are ok just would like try something new.
  11. Hey guys I have a laser range finder but I would also like a phone gps for picking out targets like water or bunkers. I also would pay a little money if it was worth it. So what are you guys and gals using?
  12. You can always find name brand golf clothes for good prices you just have to look. The other day bought a 75$ msrp callaway shirt at Sams club for 20$. You can also get great deals on Ebay! Shoes, shirts, shorts, anything that you need. If you just look hard enough you can get great deals on golf apparel.
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