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  1. Casey / Augusta, Georgia IPhone 8 Flexible. Would prefer outdoor testing (dedicated member at a local driving range facility - also recently purchased SuperSpeed Golf training sticks), but able to set up my Rukket Sports hitting net in my backyard with appropriate space
  2. Thats a tough place to be in. Speaking from experience, ive allowed those groups to sour my rounds. Embarrassed to admit that members of my group have actually returned balls backwards into the group behind us. After reading some of Dr Rotella, Id approach the scenario differently. MOST IMPORTANT objective is to not allow anything to ruin your experience. A) id drive to the group behind us and explain the group infront is slow (this hopefully would keep my group out of danger) while B) someone from my group attends to the group in front that their pace may be a tad slow. C) If all fails, would have to call the club and have them settle it out. It sucks either way but hope it doesnt happen again!
  3. The Golfers Mind is a book I am beginning tonight too. So much of golf has to do with positive self image. So many real life applications!
  4. These are some great reads. Cant wait to get into some of these. Unsure if it’s been mentioned yet, but heres mine: Golf is a Game of Confidence - Bob Rotella has been a surprising good read thus far
  5. I have not tried the pxg. I do have the Titleist u510 1 iron and I absolutely love it!
  6. I would LOVE to get properly fit. Only issue is the only place in my town is Edwinn Watts...dont exactly trust them. Club Champion is 3hrs away from me so i hope to visit them sometime soon
  7. Agreed! Congrats on the weight loss!!! Keep it up! I definitely had the same experience with the ts3. But on the rounds i am on, the ts3 just felt so much better w better results compared to the m5. The m5 has had more predictable results so its in the bag rt now
  8. Interesting! Ive always been instructed to use my hybrid since its easier to mimic my putting stroke
  9. Currently gaming an M5 w/handcrafted 65gm 6.0 evenflow blue(LOOOOVE THE SMOOTH PROFILE). Swingspeed is 90-95mph so spin numbers are adequate but ball flight at times favors a piercing trajectory) Carry avgs around 240. I have a fujikura vista pro shaft and considering switching due to the high launch characteristics. Previously had this shaft in my TS3 and the dispersion was all over the map. Any suggestions??
  10. Great question! Elevated green 20yards front to back, fringe is mowed super tight. Middle pin. 15-20 yards out.
  11. Im sorry to hear about your courses being shut down due to the pandemic. These are most definitely trying times. There was an interesting article I read on how how to come down from a 18 to 9 handi.. Ill share the link just incase you havent read it (first day on here, hope its not a policy violation) http://www.golfwrx.com/599572/behind-the-numbers-a-road-map-for-an-18-handicap-to-get-down-to-a-9/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Trending&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  12. Has anyone played these two drivers to compare the differences?? I saw the mygolfspy reviews and a lot of the data points seem to indicate they are very similar except dispersion. Ts3 seemed to have a wider dispersion pattern for me! Anyone else?
  13. I will use an m2 3hybrid (depending on conditions i change out the 3h for u510). Its so easy to use hybrid. Set in the back of ur stance, raise the heel a tad off the ground, then just make a putting stroke. N watch it roll it onto the green!
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