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  1. I have bought 5A or so golf balls used a few times. Generally I buy Vice Pro Plus, but my alternative is Bridgestone Tour BX. When Vice has had shortages I've bought used BX's. It is hard to counterfeit the dimple pattern and reactiv cover.
  2. Brian/East Walpole, MA 115 mph Mavrik SZ Hzrdus Handcrafted Black 6.0 No Modus for me yet. Trying a bunch of graphite iron shafts now though for my tennis elbow.
  3. Love this! I walk whenever I am able. Wife and I both use Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4's. Love the stability of the 4 wheels. Looks like this combines the 4 wheels with mobility and turning radius of a 3 wheel model. Happy to test!
  4. I always used a normal tee height. Maybe 1/2 to 1/4 of ball above the club face. After a fitting last year, I began teeing it much higher for AoA and launch. I concur with the findings but always thought I had a better chance of finding the fairway with the ball teed lower and hitting my low cut. Anyway...great article.
  5. I'm at 5 at the moment: 2 FJ Contour Boa (1 worn, 1 still in box) white/navy 1 FJ Pro SL Boa 2018 black/silver 1 FJ Pro SL Boa 2019 black/white 1 FJ Pro SL Boa 2019 navy Probably going to be getting at least one new pair this winter/Spring. I switched from spiked to spikeless a few years ago due to the increase walking I was doing on the course as well as issues with bending/breaking the Contour spikes on my driver/3-wood swings. Boa really came in handy with the pandemic and the onslought of locker room closures. I was easily able to change in and out of the car (as I did at many a muni). I still find it hard to find a good boa spikeless. My Pro SL's are good but by hole 13-14 start to bother me when walking.
  6. I've been gaming vice balls since 2017. Although I am not playing many tournaments, I've had great experiences with the balls. Played pro soft, then pro, and now pro plus. My Pro Plus balls are consistently around the same numbers on my SkyTrak as Pro V1x's. Spin a little less around the green but I like that. No QC issues at all. Love the cheaper prices online vs. what appears to be prices at Target. Almost had a recent poor customer service issue but Joyce was a big help. Here is my story from my golf blog: https://cruskatergolf.com/golf-blog/f/why-vice-golf-here-is-my-story
  7. I generally have a high launch with my natural swing so I've been fitted into mostly low launch/trajectory clubs. The hybrid works well for me from fairway or first cut but I've had more success with a long iron off the tee and in the thicker rough. Again, as many have said, there is no one size fits all approach. My hybrid (19*) carry distance is a bit further than the 4 iron (22*), but when you take into account total distance (and the roll of the 4 iron), they are not overly different. I added the 4 iron because I wanted to close the gap between my 5 iron and my hybrid.
  8. I'm also very appreciative for Golf channel posting old rounds of the tournament which would normally be happening on a given weekend. Great idea!
  9. Love watching all Golf content. Really enjoyed the Master's replays from ESPN and from CBS. The commentary from Phil and Tiger were terrific and it was great to see how open they were with Jim Nantz. I also liked some of the older Master's such as Jack's win in 1986 and Tom Weiskopf's collapse from the 70s. I have been watching a lot of Golf Youtube videos from Rick Shiels and Me and My Golf as well as tons of Instagram content such as Paddy Harrington's golf tips.
  10. I often putt from off the green and actually saw an Instagram post from Golf magazine about Jack Nicklaus' putting from off the green. I probably would putt from as far back as 5-10 yards if it was on a tight lie and no rough in between. I use a hybrid from around this distance if the grass is a bit longer or out of the rough and mimic my putting stroke. From further out I will do a low bump and run pitch with my 7 iron or AW (50*). ) from
  11. I think you have to try out both. No matter what your handicap, if you hit your long irons well and consistency, check out the utility irons. If you cannot, maybe a higher launching (and softer landing) hybrid is the right choice. I actually have both in my bag. My Callaway Rogue irons are 5-AW so I have a TaylorMade Gapr Lo 4 iron in my bag as well as a Callaway Rogue hybrid 19 degree. I also own a Gapr Lo 2 iron but struggle with consistency. I generally only put it in the bag for extremely windy days (very good for punching out though!).
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