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  1. Hmm Let me take a wild guess and say you like Taylormade.
  2. Man you've got it all wrong you gotta flaunt the zx5s out in the open. Show the other golfer that you are their superior. JK
  3. thank you so much guys. I had my first tournament and I got 3rd.
  4. Okay is this just me or is the EX a massive rip off of the scotty phantom putters with the three dots at the top. I know three dots are normal but the way they are made are exactly the same.
  5. How much was it??? Im wondering incase I just got ripped off.
  6. Im not hitting it low Im just close to the ground because im short. I dont know either but the shots I hit well go super far.
  7. I tee LOW and my AoA is +3 But my natural fade helps.
  8. Something wrong in my swing!!! Im going to my coach soon dont worry!
  9. My new sim2 max launches super high My swing speed is 95 and i had to put it to 7 2/3 degrees!!!
  10. My bunker attempts are like rorys. I dont pull it off close to as well though.
  11. DRIVER: TAYLORMADE SIM2 MAX 9* Ventus Red Velocore REG FAIRWAY: TITLEIST TSi2 15* 3 Wood Tensei blue REG HYBRIDS: MIZUNO CLK 19* & 22* Tensei Red REG IRONS: TAYLORMADE P7mc 4-P Nippon NS Pro REG WEDGES: TAYLORMADE Milled Grind 2 50* 55* (56* bent) 60* SB Chrome Dynamic Gold S200 REG PUTTER: SCOTTY CAMERON PHANTOM 12 BALL: TAYLORMADE TP5 PIX BAG: PING HOOFER Navy/Green CART: ROVIC RV1S SIMULATOR: FLIGHTSCOPE MEVO+ RANGE FINDER: GOGOGO PRO-GS24 Comment below what you think. I know I have 15 clubs. I switch out my 4h and my 4i.
  12. @RickyBobby_PRWhat low spin shaft do you recommend for the sim2max. tensei orange? smoke yellow hc? smoke black hc?
  13. you are correct it is the hzrdus smoke black. thanks.
  14. 5.5 60g hzrdus smoke gray in my maverik sub zero. Im getting a sim2 max with ventus red velocore and im looking for a shaft to have as a back up if im spinning the sim2 max too much.
  15. Should I get a hzrdus smoke yellow hadcrafted for $120 as a back up shaft if i spin it too much.
  16. yeah i have to get up at midnight a week before
  17. if you want to test the super hybrid out. buy this for less than $30.
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