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  1. Jonathan San Francisco, CA Tour Exotics EXS 220 Pro 6.7 108 TSi3
  2. Jonathan / San Francisco, CA Miura K Grind 52 & 58
  3. Yes. In fact, in some cases because I have no expectation, I can outdo myself on my weak side. It really helps bring the frustrations you feel on the course to your home practice sessions.
  4. Here are mine. I started on 5/19. Results were almost immediate. I was using the swing speed radar: Level 1 5/19 5/21 5/23 5/25 5/27 5/29 6/1 6/4 6/6 6/8 6/9 6/11 6/16
  5. For me, short answer: yes Long answer: hell yes I went from topping out at 108 to 118 and I'm 4 weeks in. I'm piping in above where I used to be able to hit it at the range. Irons are also 1/2 club longer. Looking forward to seeing where I am after the end of the first program. I do feel however I need to start some sort of workout regimen to get flexibility and strength consistent with my gains. It does help work on mechanics because there's a noticeable difference in club weight and you can really feel the load changes so you're forced to pay attention to the mechanics.
  6. Literally my words with a sh*t eating grin while hitting it. Straight ropes.
  7. I'm in the fortunate position of kid in a candy store with free tasters. I've had success with Taylormade in the past so right now I'm looking at the Milled Grind, Honma TW-W4 and Cobra MIM. Taylormade is a bit firm and clicky but it sets up well to my eye, haven't yet tried the Honma but it scores really well the previous MGS wedge test in the areas I care about, spin and dispersion. I've also had my eye on the Cobra MIM wedge. I've already got it set up to hit these when the clubs I ordered arrive. Also gonna try and test the drivers.
  8. Thanks for the sentiment. I am getting them replaced right now through insurance but things are just starting to normalize the bay area that I'm able to go out and get fitted. Right now I'm building the set. I didn't want to get my heart completely broken again so I'm breaking up my clubs a bit. I got the Honma TW737 V 5-10 irons. Clubs are little stronger which I like for my gaps distances. Filled in Mizuno MP-20 HMB for 4-2 irons which should be ready next week. Gonna get fitted for either the Ping G10, EXS 220 or the EXS 220 Pro. Need a 50 and a and 56 which I'll bend to a 55 and I have a 6
  9. Greens and weirdly hot dogs. The only time I find myself eating a hot dog is on the golf course and I've been fortunate to only eat decent hot dogs. But the quality of the greens are my only metric. A crappy place isn't going to have an all of a sudden stellar green, a mediocre course layout can have a great grounds crew and tight greens and if you're paying $90+ on a round the greens are expected to be great. We spend most of our time on or around the greens anyway so I want the place I spend most of my time to be have the best conditions possible. You can come back and practice, get the feel
  10. Jonathan / California 9.5 Not, Mizuno MP 20 HMB 2-3 irons Ability to flight shots low but generally a piercing mid trajectory shot, currently waiting to get the EXS 220 but you just released you pro model this week so I wanna do a side by side.
  11. Ditto on that and congrats. Where was your hole in one? I got mine in Napa at Chardonnay on hole 5, short par 3 126 yard pin.
  12. For reals? I've had my superspeed training set going into my 3rd week now and I'm definitely starting to feel the mechanical differences in my swing transitioning from "harder" to "faster" and totally messing with my yardages. I was able to test the HZRDUS Yellow vs. the 4T Ventus shafts with the EXS 220 just now and the conter balance on the HZRDUS made the weight feel amazing and also lowered the spin significantly. Just a great performing numbers wise and loading at the top felt right. Side by side the Ventus felt too whippy. I had already had made the conscious decision it was my next
  13. Face is HOT. It feels like you can't miss and when you do it still goes a mile. It's my next driver. However, I would like to try it with the HZRDUS Yellow Shaft before I make that decision. I hit it with the 4T Ventus and loved it but want to see if I can squeeze out another few mph's with the HZRDUS.
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