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  1. It's great that you decided to carry out such psychological research work. I've been trying to find approaches to understanding psychology for a long time, but it's not easy for me. And when I had difficult times, it was unrealistic to cope without the help of a specialist. Recently I found information about psychology and methods of solving similar problems. Click here if this is also relevant for you, and it's quite difficult to cope alone with all the issues.
  2. Wow! Very cool collection I have some golf books, although my collection is much more modest. The last book I read by Ben Hogan, just great reading. I took it as the basis for my writing work about golf. Reviews Writing Judge helped me with choosing a resource to write. But I also want to read other books, because this is really what I love, especially when looking at your collection I understand that I still have a lot ahead of me.
  3. This is a great book, it added to my modest collection a couple of years ago. As for Golf My Way by Jack. I only watched the video, but I would like to get a book too.
  4. Yes, and it is thanks to the Internet that online education is possible. Nowadays, online is relevant, the main thing is that it doesn't affect the quality of the knowledge received. Right now I want to start learning Spanish online, to enter an international language school I need to write a personal application. This service helps me with this https://www.personalstatementwritingservices.net/personal-statement-for-nursing/ So thanks to the Internet and online education, I can study or receive other services without leaving my home.
  5. I like to cook meet with vegetebles
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