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  1. Ive had about a month with my 0211's (5-SW). My impressions: 5i & 6i are giving me some trouble. I am inconsistent at best with these two. Mind you, I believe the problem lies more with the user than the tool. I tend to try too hard with these clubs and "help" the ball. I am hopeful that these clubs will force me to make the swing changes necessary to improve my overall game. 7i-W are money! I am experiencing a great improvement in accuracy with these clubs. A few yards shorter than my old sticks but the accuracy has more than made up for the 3-5 yards less distance. I have
  2. I’ve found my new 0211 irons to fly within a couple yards of old set (Big Bertha). What I have noticed is that I am much more accurate with scoring clubs. Enjoy yours when they get in!
  3. Thanks for all of the advice. My daughter is just picking up the game and loses a lot of balls in water and woods.
  4. I use both. GPS is “always on” for yardage to layups and green center. Laser is used on par 3 and holes where there is a hazard near green that I need specific yardage info for.
  5. Hole in one. Usually a good view of green and your group is all right there with you to properly celebrate the shot. I’ve been fortunate enough to have 3 HIO.
  6. Hard to argue with any of these. Augusta would be the choice for me.
  7. Hate a squeaky shoe! Has the power to totally distract me from my game.
  8. I have found that having foam “noodles” in the cup has encouraged me to make a more forceful stroke as I get a little joy out of bouncing the ball off the foam and back towards me. I think this will help me after the virus has passed () as I was always one to try to die the ball into the hole. Time will tell.
  9. Some nice advice here. I have seen many pre-shot routines in my day. My favorites are those that are time efficient though. Lol
  10. I’ve used Ping wedges for years. Personally feel that they are greatly underrated. I have used an original Glide for years now along with a couple of Tour-S wedges. Solid performers for me.
  11. Nice review. I bought a set with the heroes pricing (5-SW), MMC regular flex. LOVE the 7-SW, still trying to get the 5 & 6 to cooperate.
  12. Agreed. I’ve developed the habit of pulling the club with bag vertical and then lowering into stand position.
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