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  1. Ive had about a month with my 0211's (5-SW).

    My impressions:

    5i & 6i are giving me some trouble. I am inconsistent at best with these two. Mind you, I believe the problem lies more with the user than the tool. I tend to try too hard with these clubs and "help" the ball. I am hopeful that these clubs will force me to make the swing changes necessary to improve my overall game.

    7i-W are money! I am experiencing a great improvement in accuracy with these clubs. A few yards shorter than my old sticks but the accuracy has more than made up for the 3-5 yards less distance. I have simply adjusted my club selection and proceeded.

    GW is becoming a real favorite. I use it mostly around the green when I need a soft shot that won't roll out. Haven't tried to use it for many full swings yet. I don't tend to hit that type of shot anyway.

    SW seems good. Traps are hard to figure right now as they are not raked and conditions are spotty at best.

    Overall, I am really happy with my set. The clubs look great and do respond when struck properly. I look forward to continuing to get more experience with them and improving my game. It's good to have something to look forward to in these times.

    Stay safe one and all.

  2. I use both. GPS is “always on” for yardage to layups and green center. Laser is used on par 3 and holes where there is a hazard near green that I need specific yardage info for.

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  3. I have found that having foam “noodles” in the cup has encouraged me to make a more forceful stroke as I get a little joy out of bouncing the ball off the foam and back towards me. I think this will help me after the virus has passed (🤞) as I was always one to try to die the ball into the hole.

    Time will tell.

  4. On 4/9/2020 at 10:27 AM, Kmorin said:

    I bought a Hoofer about a year ago and really enjoy it.  I walk 9 holes on Sundays with my father and brother and I don’t remember ever being uncomfortable.  It has plenty of pockets so the utility is great.  Plus it looks great.

    Agreed. I’ve developed the habit of pulling the club with bag vertical and then lowering into stand position. 

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