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  1. sub70 is a great up and coming golf company. Great clubs, even better prices for the quality and performance. Those 699 are cannons!
  2. I just committed to the TA gang with the infamous impact series #3...its sweet. The new pepper themed, milled putters look even better. Glad to see one in play. TA deserves more recognition
  3. i have my irons cut down a quarter inch and i was just seeing if there is any benefit to lead tape (2, 2-inch pieces) so far I am hitting a lot more greens/hitting it solid more often placebo effect? maybe but ill take solid contact and more greens in reg ...anytime
  4. Awesome, glad to hear. the 699 4 iron was not as thick as id imagine, which is good. It is a cannon for me, i could only imagine a whole set of them with project x shafts.
  5. well I have three different models in my set. 4 iron is the 699 model= cannon, forgiving, easy to hit 5 iron is the 639 CB= compact head, easy to hit, soft feel 6-PW 639 MB Plus= larger blade head, easy to hit. and they sell most of these irons in both satin/chrome and black finishes. Ben Hogans are sweet as well (havent hit them but i assume they are nice from a variety of forums) it depends on what youre looking for....if I could do it over, i would get a set of 639 cb in 5-PW. they look that good. but I love the blades-classic look
  6. I first bought 699 mb plus 6-PW-wanted a somewhat half set, the course I play I usually don’t need long irons, and long irons are tough to hit. I have been playing more and playing better so I wanted to complete the set with long irons. I knew I needed more size/forgiveness with the long irons since they are trouble clubs for me so I called up Jason and was able to order the 699 4 iron and the 639 CB 5 iron. The 639 CB is a clean lookin club, might get 6-pw as a back up or 2nd set. Clubs are easy
  7. They are a bit stronger than traditional blades. If you go on their website they have the specs of each iron. They are fun/easy to hit. If you're in the market, check them out. I hear they have a great demo program; I just bought them without hitting them and don't regret it.
  8. I forgot to post the pictures of my Cleveland two wedges and 4&5 iron. Sorry about that. But I am working my way to a half set made up of my mini driver, 4,6,8,PW, 58* & putter.
  9. I heard about them from this website I believe. I’ve had a couple bad experiences with local “fitters” in my area; trying to push me to buy the latest and most expensive club as well as the club that gives me the most distance on their monitors. Building to my liking and not have a salesman push for something else, is refreshing. Price point is refreshing. Performance of these irons are great and the customer service was top notch. Highly recommend you go with them if you’re in the market.
  10. I haven’t gone full half set yet. This set up is 11 clubs. The lowest I’ve carried is 8. I could still play 8, but I love the confidence of having those long irons in the bag and an extra wedge (even though I may only hit them 2-3 times a round)
  11. sub 70 irons are awesome looking and performing. great customer service as well. I hope they are treating you as well as they are to me. good lookin bag
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