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  1. continental US only? What about us Canadians? i would take that monitor for sure at 150 150 Canadian? jason
  2. these japanese launch monitors are so much cheaper than the North American brands. am i missing something? what is the catch, besides the manual being in japanese
  3. I've been using the double thumb super wide grip for about a year. it seems really solid as a way to putt, but I dont see any difference from other methods in terms of success. does anybody else use this method. any thoughts on its effectiveness? I dont see any pros using it which makes me wonder
  4. I have had this putter over 10 years. it's really nice looking, but i wonder if it has proper weighting. i only saw jim furyk have it when he won the us open, but nobody since. has anybody used it? I'm thinking of switching
  5. any scotty Cameron putter used uo here in Canada is minimum 250 you are a great negotiator!
  6. in bag driver ping g5 5 wood callaway diablo 7 and 9 wood orlimar sw, gw, ps, 9 -5 iron wilson fat shaft Cleveland lob wedge big Ben bettanardi putter
  7. hello viking hope the courses open soon!
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