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  1. 1. 18 handicap. I live in Elgin, IL 2. Currently playing Wilson FG-Tour V2 irons. 160 yd 8-iron. 3. I know they're a locally owned company. (Sycamore, IL...I could come pick them up . )
  2. I've had my eye on these since last year but everytime I decide to pull the trigger, I see an ad for a new version coming out. It's like owning an iPhone...I've been wearing the same pair of FootJoy's for the last 5 years so I think it's time I upgrade...
  3. This factor was probably the most important for designing an indoor golf practice game. I was concerned about this as well but I've taken alternating shots with the sci-core balls and real balls and I'll be honest, it was very close. The balls are available on Amazon if you want to test them out.
  4. I agree with the majority of comments. Only shot I hover is the only one you're technically supposed to on - bunker shots. Sometimes I'll tap the ground, hover, then place it back on the ground, but that's still technically grounding.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if any of these graphics help illustrate your concern. At the end of the day, I don't want to just pass this off as a golf game that doesn't provide any value so your comments really help illustrate what I need to focus on when illustrating the benefits of NEXShot Pro. The cup on the board is not meant to be the hole on the green. I understand that the concept is confusing and you're not the first to point it out. The purpose of the cup if to provide an optimal "first bounce" target for your average bump and run chip. The concept is that if your trajectory is too low, you'll run it further on the green than you intended. (FIRST IMAGE) If your shot is aligned, but doesn't reach the cup, then your trajectory was too high or you hit too soft and you'll be short of your intended chip shot. The incline and the long turf on the board exists to translate whatever trajectory and speed you hit it with and simulate what an optimal shot would look like (SECOND IMAGE). I hope this clears up any confusion. In all honesty, we can all substitute objects we find at home to achieve what products on the market suggest they can help you improve. I saw products like Chippo and Putterball and thought that there's a better way to play a game while improving your golf game from home. Thanks for the feedback and comments. It really does help point out any questions/issues about the product before I invest more into it and I value the honesty.
  6. I was concerned with that as well, but I've taken alternating shots using the same swing speed and the balls land the same. I can post a video here if you're interested.
  7. That is something that has caused confusion with past reviewers. The basis for the cup is more so to tell that that your trajectory and aim was correct. If you can consistently one bounce into the cup, you have less of a chance of overshooting your chip shots on the green. The cup is more of a "first bounce" indicator rather than an actual cup on the green. I don't expect anyone to practice 1-bounce dunking their chip shots. Imagine playing a bump and run, the cup should be the landing point of the first bounce. Again, if that's confusing, then I have work to do and will do a better job of explaining the objective. Let me know if this graphic helps. I tried avoiding overly complicated images. Thanks again.
  8. Here's a video I made comparing the NEXShot Pro to a chipping net. If you're still not convinced, I have more work to do. I honestly appreciate your feedback and this is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not here to promote a product and make a quick buck. Do I need to make a profit? Yes. But I designed and developed this product myself and literally for myself. I live in Chicago, I'm married, and have 2 kids and foam balls and a chipping net don't provide the type of feedback that the NEXShot Pro does. Believe me. I've tested everything out there for the last 2 years and I'm still looking to improve. I'm trying to create an experience that as close to the real thing for guys like me who love the sport, but don't get the opportunity to get out as often as we can. I think there's room for improvement when it comes to chipping aids. I thing chipping nets are flawed. They give you half the information you need for when you get back on the course. Regardless if you support my product, I hope I can convince you that there needs to be a better way to practice chipping. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.
  9. Thanks @fixurdivot. Even if you don't support our campaign, I still encourage you to try out the Sc-Core balls. They're a dense foam and I use them everyday indoors for practice. I've hit everything from walls, windows, furniture. Could you knock over a vase? Yes, but remember we're chipping here. If you're afraid of breaking something, there's something inherently off with your swing speed for chipping. . Thank you for the comment and support.
  10. I might need to upload better videos. What I'm trying to prove is that chipping nets, towels and baskets are just targets. They don't give you feedback on how your ball is landing. To me, that's the most important part. If your trajectory is off, you'll overshoot or undershoot the hole by a large margin. The NEXShot Pro is aimed at helping to gain confidence with your distance control and trajectory. Chippo currently retails at $189. To me, it's a glorified chipping net. In terms of versatility. There is no set distance to hit from with NEXShot Pro. I struggle more with a short 3 foot downhill chip rather than a 10 ft lag chip. All I'm doing is supply the mat, balls, and board. The rest is up to you. I appreciate your feedback and will definitely post better videos. Here's a link to you Youtube video I made back a few months ago explicitly comparing the NEXShot Pro to a chipping net.
  11. You can definitely do that. I won't argue with you there. And yes, Sci Core balls are available on Amazon. I currently have a partnership with Swing Coach Club to be my ball supplier because they are the best practice ball on the market. The shortcoming that I've identified about chipping nets is that you can skull a ball into the small target of a chipping net and convince yourself that you accurately hit the target. NEXShot Pro is a gamified chipping aid that provides feed back and lets you know how you hit your ball on top of how accurately you aimed. As someone who struggles with his short game, one of my biggest issues was overshooting the hole. I could never get my distance control and trajectory down. Chipping nets don't provide that type of feedback. Thank you for your feedback though, this is why I'm here. Appreciate your time.
  12. Indoor balls, I've hit from 20 ft away. My average distance I play at is 15 feet. With real balls, the average player can hit from 12-15 feet. I've landed one from 20+ but I had a lot of backspin on the shot.
  13. Indoor balls, I've hit from 20 ft away. My average distance I play at is 15 feet. With real balls, the average player can hit from 12-15 feet. I've landed one from 20+ but I had a lot of backspin on the shot.
  14. Hi, my name is Rich. I'm the creator and founder of NEXShot Golf. I'm about to launch my first product, NEXShot Pro on Kickstarter and wanted to get some feedback about the product before the launch. It's a Game-Improvement Chipping Game that I've spent the last 2 years developing and tweaking to get just right. Unlike other golf games on the market, the NEXShot Pro will tell you how your ball will land instead of just where it lands. It's designed to reject bad shots, promote good shots, and help improve shot displacement, distance control, and trajectory. The objective of the game is to land your ball on the 2 types of turf, or in the cup. If you miss the board, you get a bogey. You can play flop shots, bump and runs, and even practice adding spin to your shots. We're partnered with Swing Coach Club to utilize their Sci-Core practice ball which is the heaviest practice ball on the market. You can also play outdoors with real balls as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I welcome any comments/criticisms/feedback.
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