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  1. Mike / Greenwich CT Shoe Size: 10.5 Current Shoe Worn: True Linkwear What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: comfort (width) Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Mike Greenwich, CT TaylorMade M5 6.2 94 TSi2 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Mike, Connecticut Index 6.1 Currently 3 hybrids: Titleist H1 17, H2 19, H2 23 Hybrid Characteristic? Multipurpose: tee / rough / around green
  4. Hole in one just to shut my buddy up. He has one, I don't. I got so fed up with it that I negotiated with him to only be able to tell me when we cross a state line. Mistake. Now he just watches the flight tracker on planes and wakes me up to tell me. "Hey Mike, did I ever tell you about my hole-in-one..."
  5. Good question. This is the brand he was referencing I think. http://thegripmaster.com
  6. This is great stuff - thanks - love Paddy. He reminds me a lot of Bubba. Always feel like there's a million things going on in his head and only a small percentage get verbalized.
  7. Shiels and Crossfield for reviews and entertainment. I'm trying not too watch too many, you can drive yourself crazy. Tend to stay away from the instructional side unless there's something specific I'm looking to address. I also like things like "the most satisfying golf video of all time".... makes me smile every time.
  8. Which app are you using for your tournaments if you don't mind me asking?
  9. CaddyTrek R2 is the one that has a "marching mode" as they call it.
  10. There is a brand that does the forward "follow" - can't remember what it was called - I'll see if I can find it. I agree on the distractions, cell phones particularly. That really gets me wound up sometimes but that's for me deal with better. I do think though that the culprits are missing out on a lot of what golf is about. I manage the tournaments at my club and some of the members are asking for live scoring but I'm kind of resisting because that just means more cell phones :-). The follow function is very reliable and yes, at first it takes a bit of getting used to and you will be looking over your shoulder but after a couple of rounds you'll be in full flow. It is very accurate and although not recommended I will let it follow me over more difficult areas (bridges) and terrain. Once in a while, the bluetooth will drop and then you have to go back and fetch it. This happens once every 4 rounds say and is usually caused by a pot hole or some other ground anomaly. X9 negatives, in order of importance: - no cruise control / dynamic braking - they claim to have a downhill brake but this is misleading - this just means you can leave on a slope and it will stay put. if the power is engaged the cart will run away and speed up on a steep slope. this means you either have to keep hold of the handle (not a big deal), use series of small turns to brake or engage the follow and trust it will not nail you in the calves like a shopping trolley . - it's a little bulky for transport (i have a truck so not an issue for me) - lack of a sturdy umbrella mount (they do have one but it looks like it would snap in any wind) - lack of battery power indicator - the stock battery is fine for 1+ rounds so not a huge deal - cost - the prices have come down recently but I would not have paid full price
  11. I'm not a rider (except when only option at resorts) but I'm coming from the other direction. I (used to) love to walk and carry because of the simplicity but thanks to my Tiger-like spine issues I have moved to push carts and latterly to powered carts. With the modern light weight materials there's a lot of choice when it comes to push carts and for the most part they fold up pretty small so you can't really go wrong. For me personally, as my condition got worse I found the slightly bent forward posture needed for the carts, especially on inclines, problematic. That's when I started looking at electric options. I bought a PowaKaddy FW5 and used that for about a year and loved it. Prompted by my enjoyment a couple of my playing partners then bought into the original eWheels launch. Interestingly, I was at first a bit envious of the remote control capability but then I found it a distraction for both them and me as they were constantly fiddling with the remote control and overall it detracted from the social aspect of the round as well as some etiquette breaches. One guy has the habit of steering the cart way up the fairway and maneuvering while others are playing their shots. So there is a social as well as technical learning curve. The positives of the remote are that it does completely free you up to walk naturally and, when done correctly, the ability to move cart to next tee etc can save time. My experience watching them with their remotes got me thinking that surely it would be possible to get the cart to follow you. Of course, when I looked into this more I came across the Stewart X9 follow. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price but found one on eBay for about $1500. I sold the PowaKaddy and took the plunge. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the X9. I use the follow function a lot during my rounds and it truly is a liberating experience being able to stride along the fairway with the bag dutifully following behind. There are a few negatives to the Stewart design but overall I can't see changing in the near future. I was interested in the eWheels v2 which has follow, until I read that there is a physical wire tether. I thought it was a joke at first. I talked with the inventor and at some point they will have an upgrade which means this is not needed. Hope this helps, happy to provide more detail on the X9 experience if anyone is interested.
  12. I've had the Stewart X9 follow for about 18 months now. Just posting on this thread in case anyone has any questions about it. I've only just joined MGS and surprised there aren't more posts about this cart. 2 of my playing partners have the eWheels so I can provide feedback on that cart also. For the more experienced members do you think an X9 review would be worth doing / helpful?
  13. TM M5 9* EvenFlow 6.0 Titleist H1 17* (16.25) Hybrid Diamana Stiff Titleist H2 19* Hybrid Diamana Stiff Titleist H2 23* Hybrid Diamana Stiff Ping i210 5-W+U PX LZ 5.5 Ping Glide Forged 54/58 PX LZ 5.5 Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 Putter Titleist AVX (subject to change after any bad round)
  14. You could equally ask the question: with the same equipment why is it that one day I can shoot 75 and the next 85? That's the beauty and frustration of the game we love. How you are feeling physically/mentally on any particular day is a huge factor for me, as big as or more important than the irons in the bag.
  15. Hi - just curious about the Bennington bag. I just ordered one one line but then read some reviews about the zips falling apart. Any problems in that regard for you? ps Kudos to you sir for soldiering on! I'm sidelined with a Tiger back at the moment - very frustrating. Still doesn't stop me buying stuff I don't really need
  16. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 40 years, index = 6 What do you love about golf? Everything but maybe the blend of art and science What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I'm a golf equipment addict - seems like a natural fit Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from UK but been living in Greenwich, CT since coming to USA in 1998 What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - the seasons. Worst - the season - winter! What do you do for a living? Tech guy - websites etc. Built a tournament / club management app. Get in touch if you'd like a demo. Its starting to get some traction in my area. How’d you pick your user name? My first (golf) love was with my MP-33s!
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