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  1. It would be nice try a new maxfli ball as I've haven't hit one since I used to play with the old maxfli dhh ball back in the late 90s
  2. Birmingham UK, I practice on my wooden floor and living room matt with an old school battery return putting machine brought by my mother from charity shop it even came with a impossible puttable ball Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Neil meredith Birmingham United kingdom I currently use a £10 Donnay putter with a super stroke fat grip which ahs done me well for 20 years but it's on it way out now and forever repairing it. I would be interested in the ping heppler or any mallet style putter to hopefully replace my old wonky putter [emoji106] stay safe everyone Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Neil Meredith Birmingham, UK, hdcp 18 Yes please as I can't hit my low irons as I'm not that long off the tee.
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