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  1. Bill Boston, MA i pushcart 40+ per year Clipgear 3.5+ I’m looking forward to seeing the motocaddy and test it against the Boston hills and weather. Thanks!
  2. Bill - Boston, MA RH Driving Iron 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff or XStiff 7.3 handicap Calloway Rogue 3i hybrid
  3. Bill Boston, Ma 2017 Calloway GBB EPIC 9* 7.3 105-110 mph TS3i 9*
  4. Bill / Boston 7.3 Vokey SM7 Company's former reputation for building the best wedges on the market
  5. Bill Boston, MA Odyssey O-Works 7s The Ping TomCat 14 and the Ketsch appeal to my eyes the most. I'm a big advocate of alignment and when I look at the TomCat 14, I wonder if the two bars with dotted lines are a strong enough optical guide for accurate alignment. Beyond alignment, both putters have moved the center of gravity to the extreme rear of the putter, which should make for a larger sweet spot and softer feel but so many of these extra large putter heads are unwieldy and/or ugly to look at from the top down. A putter can "feel" great if you close your eyes and st
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