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  1. Bill Boston, MA i pushcart 40+ per year Clipgear 3.5+ I’m looking forward to seeing the motocaddy and test it against the Boston hills and weather. Thanks!
  2. Bill - Boston, MA RH Driving Iron 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff or XStiff 7.3 handicap Calloway Rogue 3i hybrid
  3. Bill Boston, Ma 2017 Calloway GBB EPIC 9* 7.3 105-110 mph TS3i 9*
  4. Bill / Boston 7.3 Vokey SM7 Company's former reputation for building the best wedges on the market
  5. Bill Boston, MA Odyssey O-Works 7s The Ping TomCat 14 and the Ketsch appeal to my eyes the most. I'm a big advocate of alignment and when I look at the TomCat 14, I wonder if the two bars with dotted lines are a strong enough optical guide for accurate alignment. Beyond alignment, both putters have moved the center of gravity to the extreme rear of the putter, which should make for a larger sweet spot and softer feel but so many of these extra large putter heads are unwieldy and/or ugly to look at from the top down. A putter can "feel" great if you close your eyes and stroke the putt but if you can't get comfortable over the ball, the "feel" will never feel right in the golfer's hands.
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