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  1. Matt / St. Louis iPhone 8 Outdoors I hit at range and at home so no net at range and a net at home Very excited to dial in my distances! Can't wait to get started.
  2. Matthew St. Louis, MO Putting on carpet too fast or too slow. wrinkles. Classic 1/2", 8 ft, medium stimp, 4 cups/flags - 2 side A & 1 side B with end and side bumpers. Contour shims would be a huge plus (love it to work on putting to a point and working on feel with putts that break away i.e. left to right break for a right handed putter. Bag is great since I have kids and would be nice too for safe keeping and moving to different locations in house. Would love to have it to practice also while watching golf (obviously a plus while watching pros for added mo
  3. 1. 7.5 St. Louis, MO 2. Apex Pro '19 - 162 yards 3. Not much.
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