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  1. Perfect. I'm 5'8 and not exactly tipping the scales. You guys just found me something other than Travis Mathieu to look at.
  2. Nj2StL

    New irons!

    I find the 2 degrees weak interesting and refreshing considering so many "std" lofts are stronger and stronger. Did you work off of a target stock yardage by club to get to that?
  3. Pretty sure you know the answer. One other take - some people simply enjoy the beauty of the blades and the opportunity to play "traditional" equipment rather than the tech packed modern offerings. Blades are beautiful. I used to play Hogan blades, Apex, Apex II. They're gorgeous. But even as a single digit I'm not near good enough for them. Ultimately, whatever brings you joy is what you should play.
  4. Saves my back and my energy. Plain and simple. Key factors to consider in selecting a cart. Price point - your budget dictates. I'd say be open to spending upwards of $250 though there are good ones at about $160ish. Fit of your bag - some bags are too big for certain carts. Having a strap near the top of the cart is good to keep the bag from tilting out on bumps and hills. DON'T buy a ride cart bag for a push cart. The angle of the top of the bag is not very compatible to getting clubs in and out while on an angle in the push cart. How the brake operates - foot brake, you want it to be push to brake AND push to release. If it's pull to release as a foot brake then it can wear out the top of your shoe. 4 vs 3 wheel: 4 wheel is a little bit more stable. Con is that the bottom of the bag sits between the front wheels so it's not as forgiving to the largest bags. 3 wheel is more maneuverable. You should look for the option to lock the front wheel to swivel or not swivel which will help when on side hills so cart doesn't roll down hill. I have the CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One v8. It's a great value. Good product. Only 2 complaints are that the top clamp comes lose at times, though it still operates ok and that the customer service is hard to get a hold of.
  5. Matt / St. Louis iPhone 8 Outdoors I hit at range and at home so no net at range and a net at home Very excited to dial in my distances! Can't wait to get started.
  6. Matthew St. Louis, MO Putting on carpet too fast or too slow. wrinkles. Classic 1/2", 8 ft, medium stimp, 4 cups/flags - 2 side A & 1 side B with end and side bumpers. Contour shims would be a huge plus (love it to work on putting to a point and working on feel with putts that break away i.e. left to right break for a right handed putter. Bag is great since I have kids and would be nice too for safe keeping and moving to different locations in house. Would love to have it to practice also while watching golf (obviously a plus while watching pros for added motivation). Thanks for consideration!
  7. 1. 7.5 St. Louis, MO 2. Apex Pro '19 - 162 yards 3. Not much.
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