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  1. I am here for the bucket hats. It took me so long to get over the ridiculous look at first but now I friggin own it. I just bought my second one. I'm nearing 40 and the sun takes a bigger toll on me than it used to by a lot. I will say, I have the titleist "aussie" which is a bit thicker so it's not so floppy in a bit of wind or on a cart. Which is nice. I just got the callaway one which is vented and a lighter material which is nice for the hotter days (both are white). You do still need a traditional hat for very windy days but yeah, bucket hats are boss if you just lean into it. Be that guy.
  2. I'm a fan of the heavier putters too. Don't be afraid to go the weight kit route. And for counterbalancing, the gravity grip is awesome. It's on the very heavy side but the shape of the grip is great for limiting wrist action and might be nice if you go extra heavy on the putter head itself. I wouldn't pigeon-hole yourself into face-balance vs toe-hang though maybe keep the hang limited to 15-30. Enjoy the tinkering! Oh yeah, don't forget lead tape is an option too.
  3. Maui Jims are really crisp. Polarized is a must. Rx obviously pushes cost way up but for me it's a huge plus despite the minor prescription. Lenses - hard no on black. Brown is my preference for seeing everything more clearly. I have the frameless as they are light and the rubber nose pads keep them in place. I also like that I barely notice the edges when looking at the ball so I don't think or notice about even wearing them. Downside is that they are way more fragile. All this plus eye doctors will tell you that you risk sun damage to your eyes by not wearing any sunglasses.
  4. If you're using a pushcart (i do) then I definitely think the shaping of the sync is the way to go. I do wish it had legs for the range but it's a solid bag with lots of storage and even when I had a rip, SunMountain refunded the bag pretty easily so I could get a replacement. No issues with the replacement. The dividers are pretty well setup. My main critique is that I'd make the middle wells just a tad narrower as the top corners are pretty small for getting those two clubs in and out. My other critique is that the bottom of the plastic ring around the putter well is kind of sharp edge instead of rounded/tapered underneath to keep the putter grip from catching on it as you pull it out. Still, it's a solid bag and I like it.
  5. So I do now have the new phantom X 5.5 with 20G weights. This is the standard since I was fit into the 33" (I'm only 5'8") which helps get my eyes more over the ball. I've had weighted putters but not ones that were interchangeable before (very old scotty studio style newport, odyssey jailbird mini). So, I've made use of high density lead tape which definitely helped. I'm just getting started with the phantom but I won't be shocked if I end up getting the 30g weights at some points since I mostly play public courses which are a bit slower green speeds and I would like to not have to feel like I'm swinging it so far back and through to get the ball there. Plus, the weights are easier and cleaner than sullying a scotty with lead tape. Happy to answer any questions.
  6. I got the new 5.5 and am so excited to game it. Went through the SAM lab fitting and this fit the slight toe hang, slight offset, mallet, just nailed it. That plus the feel is great and the look is clean. Just been practicing so far but hoping to game it for the first time tomorrow morning (monsoon season in STL almost over).
  7. Perfect. I'm 5'8 and not exactly tipping the scales. You guys just found me something other than Travis Mathieu to look at.
  8. I find the 2 degrees weak interesting and refreshing considering so many "std" lofts are stronger and stronger. Did you work off of a target stock yardage by club to get to that?
  9. Pretty sure you know the answer. One other take - some people simply enjoy the beauty of the blades and the opportunity to play "traditional" equipment rather than the tech packed modern offerings. Blades are beautiful. I used to play Hogan blades, Apex, Apex II. They're gorgeous. But even as a single digit I'm not near good enough for them. Ultimately, whatever brings you joy is what you should play.
  10. Saves my back and my energy. Plain and simple. Key factors to consider in selecting a cart. Price point - your budget dictates. I'd say be open to spending upwards of $250 though there are good ones at about $160ish. Fit of your bag - some bags are too big for certain carts. Having a strap near the top of the cart is good to keep the bag from tilting out on bumps and hills. DON'T buy a ride cart bag for a push cart. The angle of the top of the bag is not very compatible to getting clubs in and out while on an angle in the push cart. How the brake operates - foot brake, you want it to be push to brake AND push to release. If it's pull to release as a foot brake then it can wear out the top of your shoe. 4 vs 3 wheel: 4 wheel is a little bit more stable. Con is that the bottom of the bag sits between the front wheels so it's not as forgiving to the largest bags. 3 wheel is more maneuverable. You should look for the option to lock the front wheel to swivel or not swivel which will help when on side hills so cart doesn't roll down hill. I have the CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One v8. It's a great value. Good product. Only 2 complaints are that the top clamp comes lose at times, though it still operates ok and that the customer service is hard to get a hold of.
  11. Matt / St. Louis iPhone 8 Outdoors I hit at range and at home so no net at range and a net at home Very excited to dial in my distances! Can't wait to get started.
  12. Matthew St. Louis, MO Putting on carpet too fast or too slow. wrinkles. Classic 1/2", 8 ft, medium stimp, 4 cups/flags - 2 side A & 1 side B with end and side bumpers. Contour shims would be a huge plus (love it to work on putting to a point and working on feel with putts that break away i.e. left to right break for a right handed putter. Bag is great since I have kids and would be nice too for safe keeping and moving to different locations in house. Would love to have it to practice also while watching golf (obviously a plus while watching pros for added motivation). Thanks for consideration!
  13. 1. 7.5 St. Louis, MO 2. Apex Pro '19 - 162 yards 3. Not much.
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