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  1. Best ever golf reading (non-instruction)

    - A Course Called Ireland (Tom Coyne) - over many months he walks the perimeter of Ireland playing popular links courses as well as some hidden gems; local color & people (fantastic)

    - The Match (Mark Frost) an epic Pro’s (Hogan & Nelson) vs Amateurs (Venturi & Ward) match at Cypress Point in the ‘50’s; plus personal history of those 4

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  2. I got a free fitting at a local Mizuno fitting day & no requirement to buy clubs - comments:

    - their Swing DNA Shaft Optimizer tool provided data about swing speed, tempo, lie, shaft kick & club release ….for my swing

    - I was all over the face that day which I attribute to fitting shafts grips too small to accommodate my arthritis.  Yet the data was quite consistent,  which is what matters

    - I tried 2 different heads and three “stock” shaft recommendations were suggested for each (No upcharge)

    My final $.02

    - see TXG & other YouTube videos regarding Mizuno tool. It works and is designed for “big box” & independent small shops to provide 90+% of fitting expertise that CC, TourSpec, TXG, etc. provide - but -  at little or no cost.

    - a competent “big box” or independent fitter could probably take your Mizuno swing data & recommended head/shaft info & match to a similar head from your preferred OEM 

    Good Luck !!





  3. A local fitter (Raleigh, NC) yesterday had the 923 HM, HM Pro & Hi Fli - or was it Hi Launch ? - fitting heads:

    - slight price increase

    - said 921 HM & HMP are sold out

    - said HM Forged would likely be sold out soon

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  4. I live nearby in Montgomery Country and will add my $.02:

    - this time of year it is truly hot & humid (extra glove, water needed)

    All courses mentioned are well-known & very good but “off the radar” + great value are:

    Elks Club:  Donald Ross design now owned by Mid-Pines / Pine Needles folks

    Foxfire:  last weekend course was in as good shape as anywhere here except bunkers were pebbly (needed sand)

    Did I mention it’s bloody hot & humid  ??



  5. Wow - 90 days/12 weeks lead time !!!  

    My JPX 921 HM Pro/Forged order took exactly 8 weeks but ordered in early March - comments;

    — KBS shafts were long LT back then

    — GolfPride was back ordered 2 million  pcs. (all customers, fitters, shops, etc) per TXG

    --  a local fitter told me Mizuno moved to a new plant to increase production but is short-staffed (like many plants) and Amazon moved into the old plant and took some employees

    — I’m not skilled enough to detect a degree off in lie & loft but given others QC issues @ assembly I will have them checked 



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  6. Remember it’s hard to duplicate on-course playing conditions for objective testing/comparison as temp, wind, humidity, your swing feels, etc. can vary day to day & week to week.  The sound at impact will be realistic vs indoor/launch monitor testing in my opinion.  I’ve read that expert club builders can tune sound by adding “hot melt” through driver hosel…..

    Assuming you’re not playing from tips & 150 yd & in game is basically sound, then 80’s scores indicate to me a couple more fairways & bit of mid/long iron help could get you to upper 70’s (my $.02)

    As for your iron woes, you could consider 1) a higher spinning ball or      2) a combo set (or both)

    Spending more money, a shaft change is an option (softer, lower kick point, softer tip, etc)

    Good luck !

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  7. If you have already fit your ball to your irons as recommended by the knowledgeable folks at MGS & TXG, then take a couple of sleeves of that ball to your driver fitting.
    -- Many driver heads have loft & weight adjustability & most brands have good selection of shafts for “tweaking” ball flight parameters to your ball.  You can also pay a modest / major shaft “upcharge” for minimal gain (law of diminishing returns)

    —  don’t expect huge distance gains unless you have a rather old driver as max distance has been controlled by USGA/R&A via driver face COR specs (based on robot testing)

    — you CAN expect less loss of distance from mis-hits as brands have expanded “sweet spot” in driver but still not exceeded COR limits

    There of plenty of driver tests & reviews at MGS (multiple category winners) & TXG (Mizuno & Tour Edge were 2021 bracket finalists.)  

    Besides objective testing & ball flight data, you may want the “look” at your set- up to provide confidence and the sound / feel at impact to be satisfying.

    Good luck in your testing & fitting !







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  8. Have seen “wet” testing to simulate wet grass, morning dew, light rain/drizzle, etc. that indicate one can easily lose 40% of normal dry condition spin when ball, club or both are wet. 

    The 2 wedges that retained most spin were Ping Glide & Mizuno T22 due to some extra milling or texturing on the club face. 

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