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  1. Rob Bellbrook, OH I walk about 75% of the time, both 9 and 18hole rounds I use the bagboy quad push cart
  2. Rob / Bellbrook, oh What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone8 Primarily indoors unless we get a warm spell I'll likely be using a net
  3. Rob from Bellbrook, Ohio Right Handed Clubs to Test: Primary, 18* UiHi (Stiff), / Secondary, 18* UiHi- KBS X-Stiff Handicap 11.2 Titleist 818h1 hybrid 21deg
  4. Rob Bellbrook, OH Ping G410 LST 11.2 110 Tsi3
  5. Rob, Bell took, OH I putt on a matt in my living room I use some random one I bought on Amazon years ago it works okish... Prefer medium speed since I play a lot of slow to medium greens
  6. Rob Bellbrook, OH 50* SM6, 54* ping glide 2, 58* SM5 I'd love to test a 50deg. It's my approach wedge in many holeson my cour a e and I use it to chip around the greens quite a bit as well.
  7. Rob from Ohio 11.5 handicap Currently play Titleist 818H1 The ability to hit a consistently straight high shot. I hit it far enough I'm not worried about distance, however I'm inconsistent with contact on face so forgiveness is key for repeatable distance. And like many others minimizing the crazy hard hook would be great!!
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